Perils of mindfulness

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Perils of mindfulness

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A new paper in JAMA with some relevance to the work of the EPRC:

"In this pragmatic randomized clinical trial that included 18 882 outpatients with frequent suicidal ideation, the percentage with nonfatal or fatal self-harm over 18 months was 3.3% among those offered care management, 3.9% among those offered online dialectical behavior therapy skills training, and 3.1% among those receiving usual care, respectively. Compared with usual care, the risk of self-harm was not significantly different for care management but was significantly increased for those offered skills training."

"Patients were randomized to a care management intervention (n = 6230) that included systematic outreach and care, a skills training intervention (n = 6227) that introduced 4 dialectical behavior therapy skills (mindfulness, mindfulness of current emotion, opposite action, and paced breathing), or usual care (n = 6187). Interventions, lasting up to 12 months, were delivered primarily through electronic health record online messaging and were intended to supplement ongoing mental health care."