Lectures on Wisdom

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Lectures on Wisdom

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Anyone here tried listening to the Mega Genius lectures?
I'm in the process of trying to find people to talk with about the lectures, whom of which have listened to them themselves.
A majority of the people reading this thread will have never heard of the lectures, & will probably find the website to have an outdated design & ridiculous claims. The natural response is, "this is a scam" and I think that is a very normal reaction.
However, I'm not interested in discussing those facts, but in discussing the contents of the lectures. I can't say I'd find another person in my close circles who would be willing to give the lectures a go because of the way they are marketed, which is why I've resorted to approaching an online community. I'm not here to promote the lectures.
I'm trying my luck, though small, to find other people who have listened to the lectures with an open mind & to discuss their contents & implications.

In this discussion, I'd like to first point out that I am quite skeptical towards many of the claims in the lectures, except for those that I have realized immediately or with time to be self-evident or to have sufficient evidence (though I admit I haven't done enough research to find such 'evidence' nor established my own criteria of 'sufficient evidence' - thus I don't seek to discuss many of the things in the lectures at this moment in time).

2 points of discussion I'd like to start with:
-I have found that the framework regarding 'truth', 'understanding', 'intelligence', 'wisdom', 'freedom' & 'happiness' to be of significant utility, grounded & close to or absolutely tautological. How do we teach people this framework? One way is advocating for the lectures, but one has to have an extremely open mind to decide to listen to the lectures given the way they are marketed & the self-promotion of the lecturer's 'genius' throughout the lectures as well.
-How have you progressed in applying the 'formula'? Do you have any tips?

A warning to those who may be interested in the lectures, or currently listening to them: The definitions used in the lectures, in my understanding, can leave a lot of room for interpretation at times & thus 'misinterpretation'. So, do not risk considering anything you've 'understood' in the lectures to be absolute.
Also, to believe something only because it seems it could 'help you' (such as if it has been helpful thus far) increases that risk and makes you vulnerable to your own biases, misunderstandings & is an invalid generalization that could cause you significant harm whether you realize it or not. To believe something not by reason, but only because it serves the purpose of 'helping you' is by definition irrational & is the kind of thinking that can get you brainwashed or converted to a cult. It's something you should simply never do, where possible.
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RE: Lectures on Wisdom

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Come on now. That lecture series isn't free, so how is it that we're supposed to discuss the content here without forking over the money? How do we know you're not part of that program? I'm very suspicious of this:


It's a fee-based series to help people increase their IQ. Not content for these message boards. I'll freeze this topic now.

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