playing games, disembedding dreams

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playing games, disembedding dreams

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playing games:
Does anyone else have this kind of experience? I occasionally find myself interacting with another voice just before an A&P type of event. That voice typically suggests something borderline non-sensical, but seemingly fun. For example, I found myself all wound up today and feeling dark nightish -- difficulty concentrating on my work, agitated, tense -- and decided to try to sit through it. At some point I got a sense of energy being blocked up and this voice suggested something like "I think this guy can send it around the loop" to which I replied "yeah, let's try." Bang, energy burst, calmness afterwards, feeling a lot better.

On another occasion, the words were something like "I bet I can grab that" followed by a sense of getting sucked far into an exciting rollarcoasterish ride. The words don't make sense outside of the sit, save for my recollection of the scene.

Does anyone else experience this? Interacting with some helpful, exciting, party-going kind of voice around (what I take to be) A&P events?

disembedding dreams
Have been very sleepish in what I take to be equanimity territory lately; maybe my concentration is low. I find myself drifting off into brief dreams. Not full-on stories, but there is a shift from the hazy back-of-eyelids vision with its nebulous and evolving images to clear representations of objects. I don't "see" the objects, I just imagine them like in a normal dream <read, nodding off, not deep and clear meditation>. What's fun is to disembed from the images and come back to the back-of-eyelids visual field. The idea is I realize I've drifted off and reengage meditation to once again notice my visual field. There is a bleed through of the imagination with the visual field (e.g. that dark patch looks a lot like the arm I was just imagining, though the crispness and clarity are far gone).

It seems like there's potential to use the imagination to play with the visual information. Patterns start to develop into repeating objects and 3D images. I will say (since 3D surely set off a flag) that I don't notice other senses being involved simultaneously with these 3D images. Anyone play with this in a fruitful or otherwise way?