The Awakened Mind - Delson Armstrong - The FitMind Podcast

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The Awakened Mind - Delson Armstrong - The FitMind Podcast

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Hi everyone! We recently had advanced meditator Delson Armstrong on The FitMind Podcast. It was a fascinating conversation about his ability to experience (or rather not experience?) cessation and the study conducted on his brain while in this state at the University of Amsterdam. Check out the YouTube video of this interview for the "at home" version of this where we see his brainwaves while he meditates wearing a Muse brain-sensing headband. Hope you enjoy!

Show Notes
Delson Armstrong is a meditation teacher and author of A Mind Without Craving. He trained for extended periods in the Himalayas and mastered several systems of yoga, including the ten levels of samadhi (meditative states of absorption). Delson has recently collaborated with leading neuroscience research labs interested in studying his brain. On this episode, we discuss how to conquer a craving mind, cessation and its benefits, and the studies being done on his brain.

The podcast episode can be found here:

Also available anywhere you listen to podcasts - Just search "FitMind"


Topics Discussed

0:00 | Intro to Delson Armstrong
1:30 | A Mind Without Craving
7:25 | Experience of “No Self”
15:40 | Awakened Mind = Supreme Happiness
20:40 | Daily Life After Awakening
26:03 | Meditation Brain Study
30:15 | Cessation - What Is It & Benefits
34:24 | Experiencing How the Mind Works
37:43 | Deconditioning a Wandering Mind
48:11 | Rapid Fire Questions