Gary Chicoine (1942-2020)

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Gary Chicoine (1942-2020)

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There was a rather strange man, who presented himself as a saviour, a guru, mahasiddha, realized being, enlightened, and all that, to provocate spiritual seekers and wannabes who sought for wrong things from wrong places. I was informed of his website more than a decade ago, and felt beaten and uplifted from browsing through the boasting and insights in the articles and the shocking and shockingly accurate messages in the oracles that the website offered in abundance. I was genuinely afraid of the website and the man, who called himself one of the rare "Real People with Real Power", and I guess I still am. Though for hm the Power he experienced was not personal but "cosmic".  I never knew him in person, at least in any usual way. He is one of the only people whom I know that has made it clear that he was a (former) cult leader. He was extremely aggressive towards all kinds of egoism, and used the rhetorics of spiritual egoism to provoke seekers. Undoubtly not everyone found his style useful, funny or skillful. My take is that he was not patient towards psychological trauma, but rather he was quite judgemental towards human imperfection and stupidity. This makes his textual attitude potentially (re)traumatizing. That's why I'm not eager on posting his websites address here, which I anyway will post. If you are going through dark night or something like that, you probably should approach his work with caution. Be responsible, and think before acting. You don't need it, it still might be useful as any good book or teaching might be. Some of his former students have criticized him harshly, others have held him in high regard. Interestingly he changed the name of his scifi novel from Ominous Horizon to Cosmic Horizon - at least sometimes he tried to be more accessible.

A few months ago I learned that he has quite recently died ( My spontaneous reaction was to cry a little and make a salutation. I guess I'm grateful for the painful shocks and the nondual, nonlocal teaching/beating I got from him or from his words. Was it for the benefit of the most real in the core of this living being - I honestly don't know! Perhaps.

( I had a sense I should write this little note here, not really knowing why. Paying respect, I guess, at least. That's alright! Not every teacher to be remembered is neutral, easy and nice. )
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RE: Gary Chicoine (1942-2020)

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I grew up in the cult. I find your obsevations of Ģary pretty correct though you never met him.