Current Regimen

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Current Regimen

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I wanted to get some opinions and perhaps also advice on how to best structure my meditation regimen. 

For context, I've been meditating consistently for about 2 months now. I initially started with 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, eventually working my way up to 45, and more recently doing an hour. I've been using some of the longer meditations on the waking up app. 

so the way my regimen looks like right now is something like this:

monday, wednesday: focused awareness meditation with object of focus being breath (sensations at nostrils) for 1 hour.

tuesday, thursday: open awareness for 1 hour. So just allowing all sensations to appear and pass away.

friday-sunday: 1 hour of focused attention in the morning, and 1 hour of open awareness at night. I try to get smaller meditation sessions of ~20 throughout the day if I have time or a strong desire to.

So my question: is incorporating both and alternating between focused and open awareness a good idea, or should I stick to one or the other?

Since I was asked about my motivations in practicing here's how I think of it:

object-level goal: stream entry
meta-level goal: maximum reduction of suffering.

If I am to believe the reports of multiple individuals, the attainment of stream entry provides a stable and significant reduction in suffering. By meta-level I mean the broader level of motivation of which the object level motivation is constrained by.
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RE: Current Regimen

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Unfortunately, I don't have the skills to answer your question, but I can make a suggestion. There are many approaches to meditation, with different courses of development and different fruits. If you explain a bit more about what you hope to get out of meditation, other people with teaching skills are more likely to be able to give good advice. 

Some people come to meditation out of curiosity, and their main goal is to explore the mind and the world. Others are in a sort of crisis, such as a major life shift, or great emotional or psychological distress. Others are seekers, who have a strong sense that there is a spiritual realm that calls them, and may have experience with other spiritual traditions. 

Some people have read MCTB and are very keen to get to stream-entry as soon as possible. Others would like to have more openness in their lives. Some people want to learn the jhanas. Others want to find truth.

​​​​​​​How about you?