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Can i have a stage 1 exercise?

Can i have a stage 1 exercise?
11/10/11 8:59 AM
I read the entire book Daniel, and for the first stage i can't find an exercise.

I need to note sensations both physical and mental and then see the truth of it, namely impermanence etc..

Now Daniel does give some nice exercises, but it's more for stage 3 right? The impermanence part and so forth.

Can you give me a good basic beginner exercise for stage 1, differentiating between mental and physical? I know the difference but of course not really know it, so how do i get started with this stage?


RE: Can i have a stage 1 exercise?
11/10/11 9:51 AM as a reply to buddha elect.
welcome to the dho.

mahasi sayadaw's essay, satipatthana vipassana, contains an account of the basic exercises that are taught to complete beginners in the mahasi tradition.

part 1 ('basic practice') of practical insight meditation contains, word-for-word, the instructions given to newcomers on mahasi retreats.