Bursts of around 20-30 experiences per second

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Bursts of around 20-30 experiences per second

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Edit: Re-read some of MCTB and suspect this is stock standard re-observation. 

​​​​​​​Was in some closed eye insight meditation before sleeping, and got some bursts of, instead of my usual 1 or so objects of observation per second - 20 or 30 per second for a couple of seconds at a time each burst.
Does that have any significance, or is it just a commonplace experience among mediators with no clear meaning? 
Was accompanied by root chakra activation, where my previous chakra activation (dealing, I would guess, with the misery stage) was mostly at the height of the brow.
This sounded vaguely like Frank Yang's description of the speed associated with the impermenance door, but I don't feel like the work is done, and still get kundalini-ish experiences around the heart chakra area along with a sense of the area of observation moving from the front of the eyes to the back of the head and into the heart area. 
​​​​​​​Just normal part of meditation? 
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RE: Bursts of around 20-30 experiences per second

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On searching "per second" in a PDF of MCTB, I strongly suspect that I am in the re-observation stage. Apologies if that should have been a first step. 
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RE: Bursts of around 20-30 experiences per second

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Hey Jin Lu, welcome to DhO!

I'm not an expert, but I'm not sure the short description you gave matches Re-Ob. 

MCTB Re-Observation

Re-observation is all fluff and no substance ... Bodily sensations of creepy revulsion, disgust, or profound existential angst may arise, and yet, those with wisdom will notice they are like confetti, like sparkles of light, like raindrops, albeit seemingly acid raindrops. Still, they are not harmful. 

... Do not try to power through this: that’s first vipassana jhana. Do not try to go for really tight, narrow, fine, tingly frequencies that are all about a center of attention and not about background: that is second vipassana jhana. Re-observation comes at the peak of the third vipassana jhana: it is broad, rich, chaotic, and about the “background” and issues of synchrony and asychrony. “Background” here means those things we typically think of as on “this side”, as well as those sensations that tend to frame objects in the center of attention, as well as just those sensations that are more in the direction of “us”.

... The frequencies of pulses are chaotic and fast. We are getting into more sophisticated forms of more inclusive attention that are starting to broaden enough to include many diverse, irregular, erratic, intricate aspects of reality. Go for that attention-wise, meaning go into frequencies of the oscillation of the sensations that appear to be subject and object that are really fast and harmonically irritating, instead of regular and predictable. We are talking at least 10 to 18 pulses of sensations per second, if not a lot more. While noting can help if we are getting run over in this stage, if we can get it together to go into the broad vibrational complexity directly, we can learn to draw on the remarkable discerning power of our minds. We can notice how fast reality is arising, and, as reality and comprehension are the same thing in their essence, we can notice that comprehension, and thus contemplation, can go this fast. It takes an elegant letting go of control and an embracing of that to get what Re-observation is trying to teach you.

Take into consideration that for Daniel Ingram, 20-40 pulses per second should be the standard for A&P (in my case, I rarely passed the 20 pulses in that phase), so those 10-18 pulses mentioned in the Re-Ob chapter is like cutting the speed a 50%. Given that you didn't describe any of those fear images and sensations mentioned above, that your peak speed is relatively high, and that you do mention kundalini-ish experiences, my hunch is that you have fallen back from DN to A&P. 

Check Daniel Ingram's List of symptoms for ñana diagnosis.
Check Shargrol's A&P – Dark Night loop

Hope this helps