Chi Kung (qigong) video:

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Chi Kung (qigong) video:

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I don't know what the feeling of chi really is exactly, but people do feel it, and I find it is helpful in relaxing the body and quieting the mind, and I have found this video is a good source of techniques for feeling chi throughout your body.

The teacher, who is shown in the video, is Arnold Tayam who is a Doctor of Medical Qigong. 
David Carradine is the narrator.

David Carradine Chi Energy Workouts for Beginners Chi Kung

​​​​​​​I am interested in tai-chi and qigong as relaxation exercises but I'm also interested in chi because I have some experience with spiritual healing. While I was trying some of the exercises in this video I felt the chi moving in my body when I wasn't trying to move it and wasn't expecting it. So I think that is a good recommendation for the exercises in the video.

The title of the DVD is "David Carradine's Chi Energy Workouts for Beginners" It also has a section on tai chi which is on youtube here:

David Carradine Chi Energy Workouts for Beginners Tai Chi
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RE: Chi Kung (qigong) video:

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In ym experience, one of the most reliable exercies for feeling qi is the one where you hold an invisible ball between your hands and compress/expand the ball. eventually feels like two repelling sides of a magnet.
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RE: Chi Kung (qigong) video:

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Dear Jim,
Feeling Qi is a very *real* thing. You can move it into your body using your mind or your intention if you will.
I have been working with Qi for the past 3 years now for healing and also for spiritual development. You can move Qi inside of you and you can also move somebody else energy. It is possible to move somebody else accross the room. You can also harvest Qi from the outside and bring it into your own body to nourish yourself. It's fascinating.

I started with Shaolin Qigong free videos before attending retreats in person and medical QiGong seminars. I don't know if it's allowed to give links to those teachings or to talk about them in this forum so I won't. However, if it's allowed, I'll glad to point out to valuable teachings I have been using.

Working with energy/Prana/Qi/kalapas is very helpful, beneficial for health purposes and great for training the focus of the mind. It can be felt as heat, tingling, cold, bubbles, wind...

​​​​​​​Enjoy your practice!