Asaf M's Log.

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Asaf M's Log.

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Startign this log toway in hopes of receiving useful feedback from the wodnerful people here.
Just re-read this chapter:
in MCTB.
It's one that I find particularly inspiring. I aspire to wokr towards  a level of practice that matches what is described in the more advances examples given in that chapter. I figure that maintaingin this log could help with that goal.

My practice at the moment is focused on tow aspects:
1. Maintain and build a decent level of access concentration, aiming for 2-3, 20-30 min sits per day. Using the breath sensations at the nose region.
2. Develop insight via noting practices: "see, hear, feel", as well as more detailed noting, throughout the day.
I am practicing in daily life, not doing any retreats at the moment as I have small children to care for at this time.

I will check back in here from time to time to share what's come up, and what strategies/techniques I am tryign out. 
Thank you in advance for your input.

here is a link to some of what I've writter here in the past, with some history on my practice so far.
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RE: Asaf M's Log.

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I had a good sit this morning. Started out alternating with breath senaations between nose and belly.
then went on to noting "see hear feel in/out" 
at some point I got to that place of everytign becoming sort of effervescent. quite pleasantly so. 

I think I will continue going for contentration durign the sits and transitionign into noting practice if it feel right to do so, perhpas in most sits, unless i get into some grovve of deep contration and I wish to seize the opportunity to take it as deep as it will go.

In any case, I just came across a line in MTCB from this chapter

Whatever ultimate truth you want on the spiritual path is to be found in the sensations of the wanting itself.
and it goes on to:
to see this, a shift must happen in which the drive becomes driven to understand the sensations of that drive itself rather than looking to future sensations for satisfaction and understanding. 

I am going to keep this in mind now. it helps to guard agaist that trap of trying to use insight/conetration practices to fabricate some future sensations

seems quite effective to pay attention to whatever is occuring now from the angle described above.