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This is a poem I wrote a little while ago during one of my depressive days, I couldn't think of a title.  I do this sometimes, maybe for catharsis, maybe just to pass the time.

​​​​​​​Sitting on an empty throne, gazing ahead at nothingNothing on my mind, the meaninglessness permeates my beingBut what does it matter, any of thisEven this pain, isn’t it just temporary after all?To cease striving, yearning for becoming, yearning for dissolutionPrivacy is an illusion, happiness tooI’d rather delude myself, than have it imposed on meI’d rather believe my own lies, than the bullshit they want me to believe But they’ll tell you I’m the one you should fearThey’re good for nothing anyway, fear what is frighteningFear the extent of ignorance and greedFear what you don’t know about what you don’t knowAnd then fear nothing, and dwell in this nothingness with acceptanceUnsatisfactoriness and life are one and the sameCan’t have one without the other
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Finger snaps