Maybe Richard is literally correct - we are psychos...

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Maybe Richard is literally correct - we are psychos...

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To save the Mods a job, I've taken myself to the dungeon, feel free to pull up crate and watch out for the rats...

Initially I was attracted to AF practice, in theory; happy and harmless seemed to be an excellent goal. I was happy to go along with that in my devil may care trusting way...until I reacted very strongly to Richard and Co, and basically got very hostile.

Then after a lot of patient replies from DhO members, I realised that there was no harm looking into to it properly. It's not heroin after all.

Lately though, pure intent has been hard to come by; I just can't seem to 'want' freedom enough anymore. I've learnt how to suffer without complaining so much, just let it burn I say...

But, there is still a world out there that is in real bad shape. There has to be something that can be done. I've found a source of intent that i can relate too (christian conditioning); unselfishness.

So i want to save the world again, but not on my own...

Reading this article really sparked something:

I was impressed with how much it lines up with the world I live in, basically if you look through enough of the site it comes down to this; the human society (and hence identity) is created by psychopathic people, for psychopathic people and is increasingly becoming a breeding ground for more. The articles on the site basically say that we are wired to play their game. If we aren't a clinical psychopath, we are sub-clinical, or just wired to be stooges.

The first thing that came to mind was Richard's statements about the cunning entity that is the 'human adult'.

Do i have a point?

Well, yes I do.

What is the quickest way to get this done for all of us.

Some discussion points-

I remember End in Sight saying that PCE is achievable without felicity, is this an isolated thing?

Is there a proximetry transmission effect?

What part of vipassana practice is the most effective lead into PCE?, I remember Jill mentioning that avoiding altered states part of her practice. Are altered states actually increasing the time from zero to hero?

Is anyone working on putting together resources in a way that can bring together the various discovery s made on the DhO in a book or the like, similar to MTCB?

i know that is a lot of questions / comments, but again I don't have the answers i need for the particular conditioning I'm from and where will I get them if not here?

i am aware that my conditioning is behind alot of these questions, if only I was raised a buddhist then most of these worries would be irrelevant, I could sort it out over a couple of life times...
Andrew Jones, modified 9 Years ago.

RE: Maybe Richard is literally correct - we are psychos...

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Not so the start. Should 'we' (the cunning masses) push harder?

Stepping out of ‘Humanity’ ...
When one digs deep into one’s instinctual ‘self’ one encounters the raw unfettered instinctual passions, mainly those of fear, aggression, nurture and desire and when one does this one needs to ‘ride out the storm’ of chemical-induced fears and fantasies that are invariably stirred up. Also in the experiential investigation of the instinctual passions one inevitably encounters the instinctual archaic ‘memory’ imprinted in the primitive brain itself, a memory that stretches back to the very beginnings of the human species itself.
This instinctual memory serves to maintain both one’s bondage to the ancient past and to Humanity itself. Thus, an in-depth investigation of one’s instinctual ‘self’ inevitably provokes ancient atavistic fears and dread that can be daunting, to say the least. This is why pure intent and a good dose of bloody-mindedness and stubborn persistence is essential at this stage.
Whilst this crude genetically-encoded survival programming was essential, in the past, to ensure the survival of the species, to set about to deliberately eliminate this programming is to feel oneself to be, at a very primal level, a traitor to Humanity.

However, these fascinating experiences and discoveries leave no emotional scars and soon one is back on the wide and wondrous path to actual freedom …

The AFT seems to have two slightly divergent methods using similar terminology, Richards happy method & Peters hardcore method.

They overlap at naivete, but depart on the entry point to PCE, peter is more about 'poking holes in ones felt reality' Richard seems to be more 'have so much fun you forget you exist' both then come back tegether at PCE and pure intent.