please add this link to MTCB book page!

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please add this link to MTCB book page!

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perhaps my experience is unique but i read MTCB more than 2 years ago.

and i had a major misunderstanding that prevented me from understanding the path which created enormous confusion and frustrations. (trying to understand "what the heck is he talking about???) nothing would match, i knew something was wrong in my understanding but i didn't know what and i couldn't express myself clearly enough for others to help me correct the mistake (i tried)
I just corrected that misunderstanding last week, by chance(and what a relief)

but i believe that if i had watched these videos:

there is a great chance that i would have avoided this entire misunderstanding from the beginning.

I can see that it would have been easy for someone in the same situation as me to just dismiss the whole thing "ahhhh... the hell with this" and give up practice altogether, or remain in the misunderstanding forever.

So please add this link with the videos to the page that has the book, I don't believe this is very common misunderstanding from reading forums and seing that others most often gets it right right away but if i'm not the only dumb one who misunderstand this thing, it may help them tremendously.

thank you!
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RE: please add this link to MTCB book page!

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What was the misunderstanding?