Possible Attainments

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Possible Attainments

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I am giving this to all of you to get your thoughts on this. The only attainment claim I will actually make is Stream Entry the rest is very much up for debate which is why I am posting it here.

I hit my first A&P several years ago, about 2005-2006, before really understanding insight practices and just really beginning my spiritual path (I had been doing spiritual practices for almost ten years but was not really concerned about Awakening and Enlightenment until this event). I further investigated this A&P and figured out insight meditation on my own before I read about it in books. During this time I also joined a Buddhist lineage and began working toward ordination as a priest.

On January 17, 2011 I was doing insight meditation on the Mikkyo practice of Kuji-In which is one of the primary meditation practices taught in my Buddhist tradition of Mahajrya. This happened after going to visit my wife's mother who was dying of cancer. This event coupled with my meditation the day after helped me to finally understand the characteristics of Impermanence and Suffering. Then I had this blip and then my perception was different and I felt this "lightness". Afterwards I was opening my refrigerator and noticed the non-duality of phenomena as I was opening the door. I continued my insight practices and further investigation of the Three Characteristics. I had also received my copy of MCTB and began reading it for the first time a few weeks before this happened and read the Revised Fourth Path Model and subjected my experience to reality testing. I progressed through the cycles -- though they were somewhat subtle to me as I did not have that much experience yet with having awareness of these phenomena.

In October of last year, I had a lucid dream where I was in the temple of my mind doing intense Insight meditation on a large flame in the center of the room when my body and the flame merged together and I vibrated apart at the atomic level. I came back to myself and realized that I had another major A&P event and began to investigate this experince further. In my dream I was sitting in meditation for what seemed liked several months investigating the Three Characteristics then I woke up in a way that there was no perceptual difference between waking and dreaming reality. In bed, I immediately continued where I left off in my dream about investigated the arising and passing of phenomena from the A&P I experienced and then I had another blip and then had a more fine sensation of my perception of reality as I had when hitting First Path. I knew this could be Second Path but wanted to put it to reality testing first so I have been doing that since.

About a week ago I was doing my regular insight meditation, and then I suddently had this widening perception of phenomena and was able to feel a great deal of my sensate reality as vibratory phenomena arising and passing on their own, and that there was a part of this perception that was not yet available to me. There was no gradual happening of this perceptual feeling -- it was not there and then it was -- very much like a fruition. Since that time I have been able to immediately go into insight meditation in my daily life and I am able to notice the non-dualistic nature of reality throughout the day. Before this point I could concentrate and be able to perceive reality as 3D Snow in real time and do indight meditation when I had a few moments to do so. Now, I can see this 3D Snow effect at all times without effort like it is in the background and the perceptual sensate reality as seen from the physical eyes is transposed over it. This all seems to happen on it's own, and seems to be like the description of luminosity. I feel my perceptions widening like something is almost there but I have not yet reached the point where this elusive "thing" resides -- like I have more to do before I get to where I'm going, though I don't know what the destination is. Something feels like it is trying to open up but is hard to open like one's eyes after a long night's sleep. In my daily life, outside of meditation, my perception (not physical perception, but perception of Reality through the Three Characteristics) feels kind of the way one physically does when he/she has been sitting at a computer all day and develops eye strain then takes his/her eys away from the screen and begins to feel relief from the strain. I should also note that these experiences have no solidity associated with them and occur during my regular vipassana meditation sessions as well as when I steal a few moments to do vipassana practice throughout the day.

With regards to my meditation practice, I spend two hour per day doing Insight practices -- either basic sitting vipassana meditation about the vibrations of sensate phenomena, walking noting meditation, or insight meditation uding the mantras and ritualistic meditation practices taught within the Buddhist tradition in which I am currently ordained as a Bhikku (Priest). I also spent most (roughly 80-90%) of my day doing noting practice while still going about my daily routine or vipassana practice with the vibrations of all of the sensations I experience throughout the day. I currently live in the mundane world and have a job working at a local grocery store to pay the bills so I am unable to go on meditation retreats as much as I would like, but I take about two consecutive days out of the month and spend the entire 36-48 hour period doing nothing but insight meditation and noting practice. During my insight practice I usually stick to the vibratory patterns of physical sensations as I have found these to be best to my staying focused on them without any extraneous thought patterns arising. During my daily routine, I do noting and focus on all major sensation that arise in my perceptual faculties.