[NEW] Frank Yang and Artem Boytsov: The Depth of Enlightenment

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[NEW] Frank Yang and Artem Boytsov: The Depth of Enlightenment

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In this illuminating, warm and heartfelt conversation, Frank and Artem touch on a variety of topics pertaining the authentic spiritual path, including its depth, bliss, the nature of Mind, responsible use of psychedelics in spiritual practice, the fear accompanying the process of ego dissolution, as well as many others. At 51:32 they jointly address questions submitted by Artem’s students.

Please watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqwiZ_7ameE

0:00 Introduction
0:48 Stages/levels of Enlightenment
13:38 Bliss as the byproduct of integration
17:14 Teaching and the total invisibility of authentic Enlightenment
21:53 What is the Mind?
30:27 Use of psychedelics on the spiritual path
46:27 Q: Did your approach to lifting and exercise change during awakening?
49:16 Q: Did you experience intense fear or psychotic episodes?
51:32 Q: What led you down the spiritual path?
55:55 Q: Should we focus on consciousness/awareness or healing/trauma?
1:12:13 Q: How not to get suck on the spiritual path?
1:14:35 Q: Poetic/emotional vs. technical/explanatory aspects of spiritual texts
1:19:03 Q: Why do I feel unease even though I’m in the state of non-separation?
1:27:44 Q: How can I be more at ease during the process of moving from thinking to feeling?
1:29:27 Q: What are your thoughts on Goenka Vipassana retreats?
1:34:37 Q: Sexuality and enlightenment

~ About Frank Yang ~

Frank is a Taiwanese Youtube Fitness star who after an intense spiritual quest attained self-realization in May 2020. With that, he reached lasting happiness. Since then, he speaks beautifully and poignantly about enlightenment, the spiritual process and its phenomenology, and helps others find the same happiness and peace within themselves. His videos have been viewed by tens of thousands of people.

~ About Artem Boytsov ~

Artem is a contemporary spiritual teacher. He has a unique ability of putting eternal spiritual truths into modern-day language. The path of awakening is a long and challenging one. Artem has a very pragmatic approach and talks about the mechanisms behind why ego exists and how allowing emotions can help anyone attain liberation.
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RE: [NEW] Frank Yang and Artem Boytsov: The Depth of Enlightenment

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