New research study on coping with extended difficulties post psychedelics

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New research study on coping with extended difficulties post psychedelics

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Hi all,

Forwarding this message from my colleague Jules Evans at EPRC: please consider filling out the form if this applies to you emoticon Don't hesitate to share it with people you know who may be interested as well. Much appreciated.

Here’s a just-published journal paper from the Challenging Psychedelic Experiences Project, which looks at what helped people cope with extended post-psychedelic difficulties:
  • There is hardly any empirical research on psychedelic integration or what helps people with post-psychedelic difficulties - this is a major research gap for the field
  • This is one of the first papers to try to answer the question of what people find helpful in coping with post-psychedelic difficulties. 
  • The most common coping methods were speaking to a friend or family member, followed by meditation. But people used a wide range of coping methods, from acupuncture to swimming, there’s no one size fits all. 
  • People also told us what wasn’t helpful - other people like guides, therapists or friends imposing their interpretation (spiritual or biomedical) onto their experience. 

We hope this paper is a step in building a more evidence-based support system for the psychedelic culture / industry. 

We’re now doing a new survey to try and drill down further, and find what precise coping methods help with different symptoms, like anxiety, derealisation etc. We already have 150 responses and are aiming for 200-300. 

Here is the link for this new survey if you know anyone who might be up for taking part: