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Is it possible to go backwards in progress by consuming Ayauasca?

So around the time the I stopped taking psychedelics I replaced my main spiritual practice with meditation. I went in with full force, giving it everything I could. The results spoke for how much more beneficial my decision to hang up the phone (as Alan Watts says) was. I decided that any recreational use was done and over with. I didn't see much point in trying to go into these experiences with a more shamanic intention on my own accord either, given that I had not been taught by anyone I felt was knowledgeable enough to yield the growth I am looking for. Recently I have managed to cross paths with a shaman and am interested in participating in an Ayauasca ceremony. While I am interested, I have abstained from any foreign chemical with the intent to alter my brain chemistry as my practice became one of my primary focuses in life. I am slightly curious to whether or not engaging in something of this might set me back in my insight practice. I would just like to state that I have been working with the desire itself as it arises and the paranoia that arises when I consider participating. The paranoia is based off no facts and just a wild "What if!?!?".

I read this which talks about Arhats don't necessarily remain 100% sober and also tried to find a topic specifically on a more spiritual intent with psychedelics, instead of recreational intent, but found little on the subject. Does anyone have any direct experience? I have always had a specific fascination with shamanism, but my mindfulness practice has become such a huge part of my life, that I wouldn't want to move backwards or jeopardize what I have worked so hard to get (I believe to be stream entry). I see many people still drink even after stream entry, so would this be lumped into that same category if it didn't cultivate any authentic growth, but instead just turned into an experience to remember? Also, just because I am curious, what are peoples personal opinions on the occasional glass of alcohol or psychedelics effect on their meditative practice. I know it won't aid or help you, possibly leading to a place of being spiritually stagnant, but can it be walking backwards?

RE: Is it possible to go backwards in progress by consuming Ayauasca?
2/4/12 4:37 AM as a reply to Braxton.
Hi Braxton

The short answer to this question is no, but it's certainly worth a good conversation. I'd be happy to talk with you about this, my path so far has afforded me quite a panoramic perspective on the way insight practice and things like ayahuasca interrelate and support each other when approached with skill. A skype conversation would be easiest, although if others were interested in an open-minded discussion here for all to see and potentially benefit from, this is also fine.



RE: Is it possible to go backwards in progress by consuming Ayauasca?
2/4/12 5:38 AM as a reply to Thom W.
That sounds awesome, my skype is pengy945. Let me know when a good time would be fore you.

RE: Is it possible to go backwards in progress by consuming Ayauasca?
2/7/12 4:33 AM as a reply to Braxton.
I am not really sure that the term back necessarily applies in any perfect way, nor would necessarily forward, just different, perhaps.

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