3 Interesting Experiences

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3 Interesting Experiences

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I'm been formally meditating for a year now and it's been great. Previous to this, I've been practicing mindfulness wtihout meditation.

A couple months ago I took an intro meditation course, to see if I could learn something, as it was free and it was a great experience. Although I didn't learn too too much, which is a credit to my previous practice, but the experience was great and I've donated as a result. One of the big thing I've learned to to identify mind states (i.e. the course is structured around the four frames of reference). This has helped me kick my practice up a notch. Now I meditate longer (30 - 60 minutes) and seeing the compound benefits grow.

I do generally experience weak to strong Jhana, )when I was focusing on concentrative practice I would generate alot of physical symptoms of Jhana), but since then I've shifted to a stronger mindfulness practice. I plan to try to solidify Jhana going forward.

Recently when in deep meditation I've experience 3 interesting things, which I haven't paid much mind to and wanted to know what evreyone's diagnosis is:

1) I expeirienced a deep perception of nothingness, it was blank, my focus honed into it and coming out, I was thought it was interesting.

2) The first time I used earplugs recently, I feel into deep in meditation, I felt the usual symptoms of concentration. Suddenly voices, came jumbled all at once talking, different voices, not my own, quite distinct... I kept an view of equanimity... realizing they were just of the mind, they were jumbled at first, then when I picked them apart, they were speaking gibberish, one last voice remained saying something like "purple, chocolate covered raspberry", I kinda had an internal smile at this one, they all seemed to have their own mood, one was a gruff and angry, others were softer spoken. The majority of them were jumbled together so no real distinction could be made, save the last one. I theorized that the sensory deprivation was to blame. I also read that Kundalini energy form the 7 chakras and call 7 voices of the chakras, which is interesting. With no similar experiences and history of mental illness in my family, I am wondering if this is something anyone experienced.

3) I was deep in meditation and nearing the end of my session when I decided to do a body scan. I think due to my deeper state, when I started scanning, I noticed my body felt clunky and and impure, it actually kinda turned me off so to speak. This really helped me experience that (A) I was not my body, it's not my trueself ( emoticon that wasn't something of beauty.

Any thoughts?