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RE: The Great Perfection

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Stian Gudmundsen Høiland:
As I understand it, the "Practices" in "Practices inspired by Actualism" means the personal practice of (in this case) Nikolai, not the tradition of Dzogchen. So one could say that this thread contains elements of the personal practice of Nikolai, whose personal practice has been inspired by Actualism.

Then he should have named this thread as his practice, not The Great Perfection. In the post, he hasn't mentioned that it is his practice. He has simply posted from the book. There could potentially be copyright issues as well. As legal issues are taken seriously at DhO, I don't know if this should have been posted without the permission of the author or not.
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RE: The Great Perfection

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I'm cleaning up the other thread. If Daniel wishes to create a new section for apperception practices, then we can move The Great Perfection there. Aman, if you wish to voice more concern, please do it here in this thread.

Here are Aman's concerns about where the section the original thread was posted in:

As the book from which you posted has been published before AFT website came about, it could be said that Actualism was inspired by this book.

There is a difference between what inspired you to post it and whether the practice itself is inspired by Actualism. If Actualism had anything to do with the points of practice, then it could be said that Actualism inspired that practice and hence it would have been under the correct category. But as the points of the practice are all from the book by Namkhai Norbu, it can't be said that Actualism played any part in inspiring the practice. It is plain and simple Dzogchen practice, not inspired by anything else. Though what might have happened is that writings in this book may have inspired Richard to 'modify' it into articles about Actualism the same way he has done with Bhante G.'s book.

Dzogchen is much much older than Actualism. Notion of 'apperception' is a key element of Dzogchen practice.

The book from which you have quoted was published in 1987. So there is no way that Namkhai Norbu could have been inspired by Richard's writings. Richard on the other hand could very easily have 'modified' it.

Then I guess that a separate category can be made for apperception under which practices from various traditions including Actualism can be posted rather than taking practices from other traditions and then posting it under "practices inspired by Actualism" category.

Felipe C.:
.............not that the practice was inspired by Actualism.

As this practice was not inspired by Actualism, it shouldn't be posted under "Practices inspired by Actualism". There should be a separate category for Apperception under which any practice thread can be posted.

Aman A.:
Feel free to move what I have posted to DhO Battleground. You being a moderator can start a category for Apperception under which practices from Dzogchen, Actualism etc. could be posted. Posting a Dzogchen practice under "Practices inspired by Actualism" is plain wrong. There is no need for me to send a PM to Daniel.

You now have a thread to further express your concerns at the battleground. Daniel can decide if I did the wrong thing or not. Please allow this thread to focus on practice. If it does get decided, it will be moved to another section> for the moment, I'm not taking that decision myself. In the meantime, please feel free add something of practical worth in this thread (original thread).

Thanks for understanding, mate.