Interesting side effect

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Interesting side effect

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For a couple of years I had a lot of trouble with "extra" heartbeats, the kind where the heart misses a beat then follows up with an extra hard beat to compensate. I'm not sure what the medical term is in english. This was diagnosed as not dangerous, probably stress related. At its peak they were occurring approximately once every ten seconds or so, often for hours at a time.

The interesting thing is that they have pretty much completely vanished with a regular meditation practice. Not practicing for a week or two and they slowly start to return, though that also seems to be fading.

I realize that this is likely due to the stress/tension relief I get through meditation, so the link is clear enough, but still, I find it interesting watching my practice have such obvious effects on my body.

Just a friday night anecdote I thought might be of interest.

Have a great weekend,
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RE: Interesting side effect

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That's great Simon, well done!

I have similar experiences with constrictive chest feelings from stress, and a desire to drink large amounts of alcohol emoticon