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affordable excellent retreat center

affordable excellent retreat center
9/3/12 11:01 AM
Seeking recommendations for a place to do a self retreat of two weeks to two months that is fairly quiet with good support. I am experienced though longest retreats to date are several ten day. IMS and their Forest Refuge are certainly all those things but running about $3000/month. Yes, I could afford that--particularly if I don't live too long--but to my thinking it's the label much more than the product that makes it cost that much. I live in NM and can afford to travel round trip. At this time I am not willing to go overseas. Thanks for any help.

RE: affordable excellent retreat center
9/3/12 11:16 AM as a reply to Steve Katona.
Hi Steve,

I've never been here, but it looks promising. Regarding their requirement of having done 14 days of retreat - perhaps a letter explaining your situation would suffice.

good luck!