Monkey talk

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Monkey talk

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The "monkey mind", especially in the beginning, can be a big obstacle for mindfulness, but one have to admit the funniest thoughts can appear.

For example, today I was thinking about stuff about paying attention to the senses, and was thinking about how I usually only feel smell sensations when I'm breathing in then stopped and thought: "hey, that doesn't make sense, doesn't the air pass through the same sensors when going out?"
Fortunately I had eaten something with garlic before, and wanted to check on my mouth smell, so I came up with the following experiment:
1 - Inflate your face cheeks with air;
2 - Start to slowly breathe out through the nose;
3 - While still breathing out through the nose (and only the nose), deflate your cheeks.

I don't know if I'm a genius or an idiot X_X

PS: I mentioned this with my brother and he made me remember how you also can feel smell breathing out when you burp through the nose. Also, does anybody here normally smell something when breathing out and/or when not breathing?

Another story:
Once I was meditating laying down while listening to some relaxing music with headphones on my cellphone.
I think I was meditating for 30 minutes and around the middle I started hearing some message received sounds from my cellphone (and was sure it was from my cellphone because it was connected to my headphones), I though of checking it but decided to wait until I finished my session, but...
The message sounds kept coming around 4 per minute, sometimes more, and I started to get anxious, and suddenly some thoughts started to appear, I was thinking things like "What if there is a murderer in the apartment and he is messaging me as he gets closer to my bedroom?", and a few minutes before the session ended I couldn't take it anymore and went to hesitantly check what all those messages were about.
Obviously it wasn't a murderer, it was just some friends trying to talk with me about some relatively urgent matter.

What about you guys, did weird/funny insights or thoughts came to you while practicing?
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RE: Monkey talk

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I think you'll appreciate this one...unexpected insight practice.

Also, I remember briefly thinking that a stormtrooper was hiding in the bushes in my garden while practicing outside, as well as having the experience of being kicked out of Re-Observation into Equanimity by the big boot out of Monty Python. Gotta love them lulz... emoticon
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RE: Monkey talk

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Lately my body awareness has been growing slowly further and further.
Sometimes when I wake up and just lay in the bed for a while on my back, I feel all my leg hair changing position.
On the past I had some bed bug infestation, which was really bad, and the leg hair changing position kinda makes me remember a bit of some bug moving in the leg.
It made me seriously consider shaving my legs! LOL
I think I will try to take this as an opportunity to overcome this trauma instead ;-) [I don't mean there's anything wrong with shaving though]