Buddhist Global Relief: Walks to Feed Hungry - this weekend & upco

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Buddhist Global Relief: Walks to Feed Hungry - this weekend & upco

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Bhikkhu Bodhi founded Buddhist Global Relief*** in 2007. The relief agency has an annual walk or mindfulness day or concert (depending on local community preference, I think) to raise awareness of hunger and to support hunger relief and community programs that counter long-term hunger in communities.

Saturday, Oct 13
Ann Arbor–Metro Detroit MI
Chicago IL
New York NY
San Francisco CA
Willington CT

Sunday, Oct 14
San Jose–Mountain View CA

Saturday, Oct 20
LA–Santa Monica CA

Saturday, Oct 25
Escondido CA

(The walks in Yorkshire, UK and Seattle, Washington have already passed.)

***What we do
We combat hunger

For close to a billion people around the world, hunger is a real, terrible, and ever-present fate that hounds their every step. According to the World Food Program, each year ten million people, many of them children, die of hunger and hunger-related diseases. Each day over a hundred million people wonder where their next meal will come from. Because it is so commonplace, chronic hunger seldom makes the headlines, seldom whips up massive waves of public sympathy. Its victims suffer in silence, almost forgotten by those with assured livelihoods and comfortably filled stomachs.
The Buddha, however, clearly recognized the frightful toll that hunger takes on human life. In the Dhammapada, he said “Hunger is the worst illness.” When people go hungry each day, for months and years on end, every aspect of their life is degraded. The body loses mass and withers away; the pangs of hunger remain constant; one thinks only about food, dreams only about food. And the ultimate prognosis for chronic hunger is grim: debilitating illness, perhaps an early death.
It is in response to the cries of those afflicted with chronic hunger that Buddhist Global Relief came into being, and it is to redress this condition that its programs are formulated. Our primary purpose is to combat hunger. We address our efforts both to assist victims of sudden disaster who need emergency food aid, and to enable those crippled by chronic food shortages to develop stable, long-term strategies of improved food security. Our endeavor is to ensure that the world’s poorest people are provided with adequate nutrition, and provided with it long into the future. Our hope is that, when their nutritional needs are met, they will be able to unfold and actualize their fullest potential for goodness and meaning in their lives.

[indent]“In giving food, one gives five things to the recipients: one gives life, beauty, happiness, strength, and mental clarity. In giving these five things, one in turn partakes of life, beauty, happiness, strength, and mental clarity, whether in this world or in the heavenly realm.”
- Anguttara Nikaya 5:37[/indent][/indent]
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RE: Buddhist Global Relief: Walks to Feed Hungry - this weekend &

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This week Tom Morello (Rage against the Machine) also performed at the National Museum of the American Indian in New York City for the 2012 Food Sovereignty Prize :
"I'm a big supporter of what [WhyHunger] do principally because hunger is violence," Morello told Rolling Stone before the ceremony. "Hunger is terror. And hunger, in a world where there is plenty, is a crime."

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/tom-morello-at-anti-poverty-event-hunger-is-a-crime-20121011#ixzz295gLh1ZP

And in other sentient territory and food sovereignty, here is Sea Shepherd Captain's call to end starving the seas, Capt. Paul Watson's "We need to Stop Eating the Oceans".
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