Watching my thoughts ●__●

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Watching my thoughts ●__●

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Its been 6 months since I started to meditate, using the breath as the main object of concentration. About half a month ago I started exercices where I payed atenttion exclusively to my thoughts.

Im quite excited because I feel I can see very very quickly my changing thoughts, and how they come and they go. I dont know how precise I am (I dont know how to compare), but I know that this is actually helping me a lot in my daily interactions and emotions.

My target is the ego. I wanna eliminate the identification process completly.

I usually see how identifications come, how my roles and my ideas of what I am invade me, very often, and how depending on the moment they are very very different. But even knowing they are ilusion, even knowing its something that doesnt defines me, its hard to stop the emotional response to them. Maybe when im veeery concentrated, and I see the feeling coming very precisely, is when emotion doesnt arise.

Another thing I realize when I practise, is that when some 'negative' thought comes, like something that makes me worry, or a bad identificatión, its harder to continue focusing on the next thoughts. The more suffer produces the thought, the more I lose the fluid changing atention. (I think is something evolutive, that we evolved to survive, so our brain is formed to pay more atention on the danger, probable risks, etc...)

Does that have any sense. I would like you to contrast your experience with mine.