Strange Experiences

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Strange Experiences

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Hey people!

I would really appreciate some clarification for these experiences. They are ordererd in an chronological order:

1) ┬┤When I started meditation I did samatha practice (concentration on the breath in the area of the nostrils). I didn't really know about enlightenment, DN, Jhanas... I just watched my breath in my nostrils. One day I finished meditation and then went to bed. Something strange happened. There was this "big black hole"....... I don't want to call it "nothingness" because there was something(~deep, deep silence). it was somethign very powerful. I also had the feeling that my memory switched out, like there were seconds missing in my memory. I didn't freak out. It was pretty interesting.

Could that have been "neither perception nor yet non-perception"? This happened once. I directly before going to bed and I think it was pretty late.

2) I was on retreat (goenka/bodyscan). I cycled 2 times through my body scanning the sensations and then I switched to samatha (nostrils). I didn't really notice the process but at the end my whole body was tingling and it felt somehow very holy and powerful. We had to listen to some lecture after the meditation. I leaned against the wall and had my eyes closed for nearly the whole lecture, because the state was very peaceful and interesting. I was just tingling sensations. very very calm.(no inner horizon stuff)

1st jhana?

3) This phenomena ocurred after I meditaten on the self (Atma Vichara). In that time I switched between Samatha, Mindfulness of thoughts and Atma Vichara for about a month before. After that I went out to party with some people. A few hours later I was pretty boozed. Then there was a sudden "Zapp!" and my "I" wasn't me anymore... It was like "standing next to me" and I felt extremely excited. "I" just watching myself while doing things. I felt so relaxed that I went outside after a while and laid down on the curb to sleep. "I" was so peaceful that it didn't bother me what other people could think. I just enjoyed the night... (In the morning the police and ambulance woke me up^^ They were just worried, but I was very fine^^)... A day later I still felt much peace and happiness, but the strange experience with the self wasn't there anymore.


4) The experience of a different "body-feeling" is not that rare... but in 5) the focus was more "outside", although there wasnt really a outside or inside. mostly it's "in" my body. for example one time I had the feeling, that my point of view was about 3 meters over my feet, during sitting meditation, like I was giant...

anything to do with jhana or just strange body perception

5) The day before yesterday I did samatha (concentration on the breath in the stomach/chest area) with the background of achieving Jhana. After a while I got tingling sensations in my hands. I switched my concentration on the tingling sensations. After a while they got stronger and spread. After that my inner horizon "opened up" and the feeling of my body was very different. It was like seeing/beeing "space". I tried to switch my focus to the experience of space, but somehow I couldn't grip it and then I thought about losing it, which I didn't want. I stopped the meditation at that moment.

some jhana?

It would be very interesting to read some different oppinions

Metta, Julian