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If you know that surrendering to God is the right thing to do, then you should probably do it.

Hell, I thought I had to die to continue with this process (but I didn't die), and here I am! Just use whatever you need to continue this process, whether it be God, Death, Sex, who knows. Really, go with your gut.

N'am sayin?


You'll find that if you go with your gut, your need for certain things will diminish, including the need
for going with your gut. Eventually it will be gone. The Tibetans thought you either had to die or have sex
to become Enlightened (a la Tantra), they were wrong, I thought I had to outlet emotions, I was also wrong.

You'll find that if you continue with this process, certain needs for things will go away as the fundamental thirst
at the core of one's being becomes sated, I eat less now, and I don't even masturbate anymore. Not that these are moral things, it's just that my interest has gone away, there is nothing moral about it, nor are they "distractions" at all. It's just that,
having certain ground rules frees up your time from doing unrelated things sometimes.

Sorry that was a tangent.