Good practice.

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Good practice.

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Now what is good practice?

I associate the following things with good practice.

  • Naturality over what is contrived.
  • Innocence over what is cynical or jaded.
  • Effort over laziness.
  • Openness over dogmaticness.
  • Gradual vs sudden.
  • Consistent vs spotty.

Good practice is gradual, healthy, reasonable, it leads to dispassion, relinquishment and results.

A good sutta that comes to mind is the Uposatha Sutta, in it the Buddha claims that the path is like an ocean-shelf slope: the penetration to gnosis occurs only after a long slope.

Thus I recommend, a clean, consistent practice, don't worry about results, don't speculate about where you are going or whatever. Just practice, practice what?

This Noble Eightfold Path:

1) Right view 2) Right intention 3) Right speech 4) Right action 5) Right livelihood 6) Right effort 7) Right mindfulness 8) Right concentration.