Is my friend screwed?

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Is my friend screwed?

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So a friend of mine just came back from yoga with a 100% dead on description of A&P orgasmic energy, sexual arousal, high mood later. he doesn't meditate but is quite intelligent and once I did a pure concentration meditation with him and he seemed quite naturally to get it. Reporting lots of silence equanimity and spatial distortion, so perhaps he is naturally inclined. He is not "spiritual" whatsoever, does not dwell on the meanin of life, quite well-adjusted, highly socially adept, naturally cheerful and high-energy etc. is there a chance that he will started cycling around dn, and what should I do if it seems possible that this is happening to him, I don't want to overtly script experiences of course.
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RE: Is my friend screwed?

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Hi Adam,
don't take this the wrong way but from your description your friend sounds like he's doing fine. You are right not to want to script him.

You seem to feel responsible for his experiences, why is that?

Sit back and watch. If he needs your help he will probably ask.