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magic and healthcare - Daniel

magic and healthcare - Daniel
3/28/10 4:23 AM

Hope you get to read this. I want to ask you about being a doctor when you have the sorts of spiritual achievements you have. Has it changed things in terms of how you go about your job (diagnosis, treatment, connection with patients, communication - verbal and non-verbal)? Have you been able to cultivate any 'magical' abilities (x-ray vision, healing touch, etc) in either diagnosis or treatment? Or are these abilities only apparent with full enlightenment?

Haven't read your book in entirety yet, so please excuse me if it's covered in there.



RE: magic and healthcare - Daniel
3/30/10 12:36 AM as a reply to This Good Self.
Very simply, I don't notice any obvious difference that is specific to that work, but I haven't really looked at it in that context or through that filter, so perhaps I am missing something. I started medicine as a late anagami, and only some subtle, if important, things have changed from a certain point of view since then, and having been in it for so long in my current perceptual mode (about 7 years now), I wouldn't have a good reference point of comparison.

I tend to lead a relatively compartmentalized life and tend to keep each sphere on its own terms most of the time.

Aside from some unusual abilities dealing with healing (with meds, needles and some intuition born of experience) some consequences of the 3rd ├▒ana (such as torticollis), I haven't noticed much of anything particularly profound on that front, though occasionally I see people who describe things that make me think of various stages and I basically ignore those, as they simply don't make much cultural sense in that context, and would be just confusing to basically anyone I would mention them to.

Anyway, not a very interesting answer, but true.

RE: magic and healthcare - Daniel
3/30/10 4:32 AM as a reply to Daniel M. Ingram.
Thanks Daniel. I appreciate the honest answer.

I've finally reached the chapter on 'integration' and I guess that's an area of particular interest to me. To reference your friend, if I was to begin, I'd probably want to be able to fly in the real world!! emoticon

Say you were to recall a particularly difficult patient (current or past patient), and meditate with the intention of knowing exactly what needed fixing and how, what would happen?

Are people who can intuitively diagnose (eg Carol Everett) or heal with *energy* (eg Eric Pearl), just freaks of nature? Is aiming to be like them akin to trying to be as good a tennis player as Federer - ie . impossible? Or is there some way of achieving this? Or....third alternative, do such people greatly exaggerate their claims?

Thanks again...