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An introduction of sorts

An introduction of sorts
4/11/13 12:51 AM
Nice to be here nice to have found this spot. I suppose I should start off my self intro by telling you I'm long in the tooth
been at this building task going on 45 yrs started as a young fellow meditating and what not. Read lots but haven't followed any of the established rules. So your book Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha when it caught my eye by way of Jeff Waren's article in this weeks Maclean's stopped me in my tracks. Here I though are some ideas after my own heart, I guess I've been a buddhist outsider all my life, never been drawn into any kind of organizational outfit. Once they get hold of you and your a fee paying stiff the doctrines slide to the background and politics takes over. Its true I've looked at a lot of them from a far
but that was near enough, just so i could collect ideas so as to get on my way. I guess living where I do in a remote rural community works for me, oh! sure i some times miss not being able to mix it up but not much. I prefer my studies and my books. Some of which might be considered archaic but hey! these notions have been around 2000 + yrs and there still evolving i.e., this new book that just caught my curiosity. I'll read it and compare notes, see if you young'uns have discovered anything exciting!
So for now again lovely to have found you.


RE: An introduction of sorts
4/11/13 5:43 AM as a reply to Robert Frank Arber.
howdy Bob and welcome aboard. as mentione din the mctb there is another book which might strike your fancy in your rural reading room called Saints and Psychopaths and can be found here.

have fun


RE: An introduction of sorts
4/11/13 7:01 AM as a reply to Robert Frank Arber.

Feel to contribute to one of my anxiety threads below if you have any thoughts.