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Magick and The Powers

Some Fun Party Questions

Some Fun Party Questions
4/13/13 9:38 PM
I was playing this game with some friends and family and really enjoyed hearing everyone discuss their answers to these questions and their reasoning behind them. Perhaps you will enjoy them also.

The basic rule is that a person must choose one of the options and explain why they chose that one. Here they are, in no particular order:

You can either:

Read other peoples' thoughts at will, OR Send thought messages to other people that they can hear and understand at will.

Know the whole of the Past perfectly at will as it relates to any time, place, or person, OR Know your personal Future pretty well with some occasional errors.

Own a maintenance-free, indestructible spaceship that never needs fueling that can fly very fast in and out of atmospheres and carry one person, OR Be able to fly on your own at will in your own body about five times as fast as you can run and carry no more than 5 additional pounds of weight with you.

Use Black Magick at will very easily and with great power, OR Have no magickal ability at all.

Breathe fire like a dragon at will, OR Shoot lightening bolts from your fingertips at will.

Be able to travel out of body at will in this ordinary human realm (what would generally be referred to Consensual Ordinary Reality) exactly as it is, OR Be able to travel out of body at will in any of the Other Realms (whatever those may be) but not this one.

Be able to make your eyes glow whatever color you wanted them to at will, OR Have retractable fangs.

Have large, functional angel wings, OR Large, functional bat wings.

Be able to see in the dark, OR Be able to smell things as well as a dog.

Be able to turn invisible at will, OR Be able to walk through solid objects as if they were not there at will.

Be able to see people's auras, OR Be able to see people's chakras.

Be able to manipulate your own energetic system (chakras and energy channels), OR Be able to manipulate the energetic systems of other people.

From this moment on have everything you truly meant to say and actually felt be what people hear when you speak (regardless of what you actually said), OR From this point onward only be able to hear what people actually meant and felt (regardless of what they actually said).

Be able to instantly cause other people whatever degree of Pleasure you wish, OR Be able to instantly cause other people whatever degree of Pain you wish.

Be totally impervious to cold, OR Be totally impervious to heat.

Experience one solid hour of "intense, electric bliss", OR Experience one solid hour of "deep, profound, peaceful stillness".

Know what people's true motivations are just by being near them, OR Understand fully and exactly what they are trying to tell you when they speak to you.

Be able to heal non-lethal injuries and illnesses by touch in yourself, OR Be able to heal non-lethal illnesses and injuries by touch in others.

Be able to sleep deeply and peacefully whenever you wish, OR Be able to sleep and have ultra-vivid dreams whenever you wish.

Be able to have people you don't like leave you alone at will, OR Be able to have people you do like give you much more attention at will.

Have every burp from now on always come out as bright green glowing bubbles, OR Have every fart from now on always sound exactly like "The Star Spangled Banner".