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Dharma Diagnostic Clinic, aka "What was that?"

sexual energy rising and ejaculation

sexual energy rising and ejaculation
4/27/13 12:06 AM
i started doing vipassana as inspired by one of my friend ,MCTB and "in this very life" , i am trying to be mindful from morning to sleep at night ,and do 2 hours of vipassana ,precisely watching rise and fall of abdomen

So after 20 minutes of attention and investigation on rise and fall,i can clearly note that ,sexual energy (or happiness) arousing

At this point i have 2 options ,one is to let go the feeling,or intensify the sexual energy .But i feel like my insight will go deep only if the energy is increased and i did it 2 -3 times since last week,and ejaculation happened

But interesting aspect of this incident is ,i can clearly say that ,the feeling or energy is sexual,but nothing to do with conventional sexual fantasies,dreams etc .The energy just got intensified and the ejaculation happened

My question is any one else experienced this kind of sexual energy rising with out any external factors ,i cant find any experience like this in idiots guide post by kenneth folk to link it with any nana

Also how should i continue the practice ,do i need to let go the feeling ,or intensify the energy and noting,or scrubbing it with out making it go to the peak (ejaculate)?

Also i would like to know what is this exactly,whenever i am mindful,i can experience a cool energy in the area from my neck to mouth,and this can be experienced when i move my tongue inside the mouth ,precisely the energy field is inside my mouth (space inside the mouth) and i can experience it using my tongue ,its tasteless ,but similar to light electric shock which can be experienced using tongue ,that's it emoticon

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
4/27/13 12:11 AM as a reply to rony fedrer.
Sexual energy and happiness are quite different feelings.

Let the sexual energy go. Let us know if you need advice about how to do this. If you don't you risk wasting all your other admirable effort. Absolutely do not "scrub it." You will get nowhere if you turn your mind to sensual pleasures.

Sexual energy will eventually come up in insight practice, but that is a fair way down the road from where you are now. First you need to attain jhana, then get fluent practicing insight with more tractable feelings.

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
4/27/13 12:23 AM as a reply to fivebells ..
Alright so let go the feeling,don't intensify it ,yeah i just understood that what i am doing is clinging to it.

yeah please give me instruction on , "how can i let go the feeling" exactly

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
4/27/13 10:18 AM as a reply to rony fedrer.
What happens when you choose to let it go? You mentioned that as one of your options in the first post.

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
4/27/13 10:41 AM as a reply to fivebells ..
Hi Rony,

I'd have to agree with everything that Five Bells has said so far. Let the sexual energy go. You can do this by investigating the sense-door vibrations (sensations) that make up this state. Look at each sensation and allow it to present to you without manipulation; the Three Characteristics are in each and every one. A little bit of diligent investigation of the sensations that make up pretty much any state will be sufficient to kick-start the Letting Go process. Ajahn Brahm has a nice little turn of phrase in this regard, it goes something like, "Letting go is doing a little bit of doing, and then letting the doing do the rest."

Best of luck to you, Sir!

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
4/27/13 11:41 AM as a reply to rony fedrer.
Sexual energy does arise in perceptions like "that is worth craving". What you do is treat it like a science experiment. What would happen if I did not act on the sexual energy and just watched the sensations arise and pass away on their own? Clinging is simply obsessive thoughts that happen after a perception that "this is worth craving". Letting go of those thoughts, then trying to remember what the perception was (obviously "this is worth craving") and then paying attention to any sensations as you would normally in meditation should do it.

You'll know you're doing it properly when you let go and you get relief. You feel freedom. emoticon How people get trapped is when they think it's somehow "bad" to let go of sexual energy. If you really want to bring back the sexual energy (because you actually are going to have sex) it's just as easy as perceiving the pleasant details of sex in your mind to bring the desire back. Then you can see it can become a choice as you practice like this over time.

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
4/27/13 6:51 PM as a reply to Richard Zen.

Honestly now i think that ,even though i had the option to let go it ,but i never capitalized on it .Rather i was playing with the energy

@Mike Knapp

Yes will do the practice as you said

@Richard Zen

lol ,yes i got trapped exactly as you said,i thought its something divine,and bad not to interfere with it emoticon

Also i am pasting what daniel said in chat about this to me,so that it will benefit any other practitioners who will come across this kind of stuff

Sexual energy and that sort of thing falls into second jhana territory and is thus also closely related to the stage of the Arising and Passing Away, 4th ├▒ana

Playing around with the pleasurable aspects is recreationally fun, and might develop some concentration, but it the electrical aspect, the energetic aspect, the vibrational aspect, that will produce insight, as paying attention to anything pulsing, any very rapidly changing or tingling or vibrating sensations that will produce more insight

Lots of people get fascinated by the pleasant aspects of that stage: that is normal, and some people have a talent for taking it into very sexual territory: also pretty common

How you relate to that is for you to decide, but read In this Very Life and the section on the Corruptions of Insight, if I recall correctly (I am away from my copy at the moment), and you will get good advice there related to just seeing the Three Characteristics of the pleasure, the rapture, and related sensations if you want to go for enlightenment over all else
On the other hand, fun is fun, and playing around with fun things can be recreationally interesting for a while

Seeing how every one of those sensations, including pleasure and the rest, change each fraction of each second, arise and vanish very fast, will produce insight

Eventually the pleasant stages fade, so enjoying it while it lasts is understandable and human, but for more insight, at some point you will have to see the bare truth of the sensations that make those things up

And at some point, the stage may pass on its own even if you don't want it to, as the dharma does move onwards, and insight creeps in sometimes when we don't even want it to.

Give it a few weeks or months: probably will be something different, and if not, well, there it is...
And you will have to prioritize and evaluate what it gets you and also what it doesn't
and decide for yourself how you want to practice

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
5/4/13 11:23 PM as a reply to rony fedrer.
This is the continuation of what had happened to me since last few days of practice

what i am doing is more of a samatha practice than insight practice ,why i think so because i am more of giving attention to the fall and rise (or mantra ,that i use quite often) rather than penetrating into the sensations ,and i developed access concentration too

[may be i do a mix of samatha and vipasana ,is there any thing like that happens naturally?]

Now as we discussed in the above posts,what is happening to me exactly is when my concentration deepens (i am not sure i developed any samatha njanas) ,i am entering into a deep happy ,pleasant kind of sensation with my breathing,and i am staying in it with deep interest ,but in a few seconds it is shifting naturally to sexual energy zone

I tried let it go ,but its not letting me go emoticon

its shifting naturally ,with out my wish its inclining to the sexual zone

And in that state ,i am kind of confusion what to do ,and this makes my concentration weaker

i take about 15-20 minutes to reach this level of happiness ,and then this shift happens to sexual energy feeling

As i said in the above post,i can easily make it a pure sexual session ,which can end in ejaculation ,but that is not going to take me any where

So i need real damn advice here ,so this my brief summary about whats happening to me

1) samatha practice for about 20 minutes

2) Reaching a state where i feel happiness ,pleasant sensations of breathing

3) Breathing stops actually,i hardly notice,but i concentrate on that happy feeling

4) All of a sudden sexual energy (or say pleasure) arises

5) Lost track,what to do kind of confusion ,and i losses concentration ,cant progress to next level

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
5/4/13 11:40 PM as a reply to rony fedrer.
Don't just try to let it go, bring attention back to the breath. Do it by main force and start over if need be. When the shift starts, try to remember what you experienced just beforehand that could have triggered it, and avoid those triggers. It's probably sensual desire. If so, when the desire starts to come up, think about the unattractive features of where it's taking you.

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
5/4/13 11:55 PM as a reply to fivebells ..
yeah i can bring back the attention to breath ,but what i thought is doing that will decrease my concentration i achieved in the last 20 minutes or so,and i have to start all over again,so as per your post it is not a problem at all ,what matters is to identify the triggers which caused the shift,is it?

And i guess yes,if i bring back the attention to breath forcefully ,it wont take the same 20 minutes to reach the same state ,may be in 5 minutes i can see the triggers

So what i need to do is ,keep on playing with this ,find the triggers ,

and by avoiding those triggers what you mean exactly,how can i avoid it?

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
5/4/13 11:58 PM as a reply to rony fedrer.
For example, if the trigger is sensual desire, think about the unattractive features of where the desire is going to lead you. If the trigger is something else and you can't figure out how to get around it, ask here and maybe we'll have some ideas.

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
5/5/13 11:53 AM as a reply to rony fedrer.
Hey Rony,

Don't worry about getting stuck in a state; it happens to everyone now and again. My advice above was premised on a vipassana rather than samatha approach to the jhanas and it seems like you prefer samatha - which is fine, and you've got options there. Here's the deal: meditaters appear to become dissatisfied with whatever jhana they're in after a while; this is pretty significant, because it results in the meditater inclining to transition into the next highest jhana. This should come as big news to you, as it basically means that you will naturally shift out of your current jhana.

My advice is to basically follow the instructions in the MCTB, which (I believe) tracks Five Bells' advice, above, and simply notice the qualities of the jhana you're in (to me it seems like you're in the Second Jhana). Additionally, you might read the section on the jhana you're looking to enter (the Third). By noticing the qualities of the Second Jhana, you will begin to notice the Second Jhana's "faults" (remember, because meditaters begin to tire of whatever jhana they're in over time). By noticing the Second Jhana's faults, you will allow yourself to shift from Second Jhana to Third. In this regard, the last paragraph of MCTB "Concentration vs. Insight" might be worth reading too.

Make sense? Best of luck.

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
5/5/13 7:04 PM as a reply to Mike Knapp.

Hi i just done with a sitting session ,today i was more of cautious ,watchful,and it took bit more time to reach the njana . Few impulses of sexual energy arouse ,i just shifted back my attention to my mantra or breath (both is going in sync) ,and was playing it for a while

@Mike Knapp

Honestly i was not sure whether i am doing vipasana or samatha at the time of my previous posts and yours . Now i clearly understand the difference ,so its samatha emoticon

I am more of anxious /wandering mind guy , i always tried to do vipasana from the very beginning.And really i was not progressing (i thought so) ,So in the course of time i realized that i need some kind of stability to progress with vipasana ,And took samatha very seriously ,and i can clearly see some "wow" ,"thats nice" kind of feeling with my practice very recently

I had a look on your link to second jhana ,and i feel the same ,that is a good news emoticon ,and i didn't looked at the link of 3rd jhana (even though i read MCTB few months back i dont remember the qualities of nana specifically)

why i didn't looked at the link of 3rd nana because i feel like having an experience and reading the documentation would be interesting like just now i read the doc of 2nd njana .

Please advise me on the same ,with the case of at least samatha njanas (not vipasana ones ),is it good to have a knowledge of whats going to happen ? ,or is it a hindrance which causing expectation ,looking for experience (i am more of looking for things guy) ?

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
5/5/13 9:27 PM as a reply to rony fedrer.
rony fedrer:

. . . is it good to have a knowledge of whats going to happen ? ,or is it a hindrance which causing expectation ,looking for experience (i am more of looking for things guy) ?

That's the dilemma, Rony. There are volumes of on this very topic (I would think) and whole traditions come down on one side or the other. For some yogis, knowing the character of what is to come is extremely helpful; for others, knowing leads to fixation and fixation leads to stagnation (or sometimes even backsliding). Knowing the Insight Maps can absolutely be a double-edged sword - I have personally tasted both edges!

For me, I prefer to know where I'm going, that way I'm less likely to get lost or side-tracked along the way. However, I have done my share of fixating (and will likely do more in the future, knowing me), and that is really no pic-nick and can be exceptionally frustrating. In the end, its a personal choice. I'm sorry I can't give it to you more black and white, but there it is.emoticon

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
5/5/13 9:44 PM as a reply to Mike Knapp.
yes you are right,it depends ,personally from my past experiences ,i am going to try an approach like doing the practice,and will look at specifics at some stage emoticon ,clearing doubts here at this forum etc

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
5/5/13 9:50 PM as a reply to rony fedrer.
I'm glad that was helpful, Rony. Happy hunting!

RE: sexual energy rising and ejaculation
5/7/13 12:34 PM as a reply to rony fedrer.
Hey Rony, I saw this link on Ron Crouch's site today and thought of you - its a talk on the pros and cons of the meditation maps. Full disclosure: I haven't watched it, but it appears relevant to this thread. Hope it helps!