Random questions

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Random questions

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1. Is it more difficult to enter nirodha-samapatti during a post-3rd-path insight cycle?

2. What are the mental factors of the Suddhavasa jhanas? Which mental factors do the Suddhavasa jhanas share with the form and formless jhanas, respectively? Is ‘gratitude’ a mental factor unique to the Suddhavasa jhanas?

3. Where do the Suddhavasa jhanas line up with the vipassana jhanas (according to you)?

4. What are the differences between nirodha-samapatti and a “standard” fruition? Affect seems to runs two ways: unchecked excitation in the mind tenses the body, and tension in the body excites the mind. While the bliss-wave of fruition appears first in the mind and subsequently calms the body, nirodha-samapatti seems to hit the body directly, as if every nerve has experienced fruition. Is nirodha-samapatti “touching nibbana with the body”, whereas fruition-cessation is “knowing nibbana by discernment" (see second footnote)?

5. What is the wisdom eye referred to in MCTB chapter A Revised Four Path Model? Nikolai asked Daniel about it in this old thread. What’s are the differences between the experience of an arahat in whom the wisdom eye has temporarily closed vs. an arahat who has the wisdom eye permanently open?

Thank you for your insight.