Thought I should write this

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Thought I should write this

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I don't know how people meditate, or the particular concepts they use to achieve meditative state or even enlightenment. In short I don't know the terminology people use, equanimity, PCE, stream entry.

There's just a couple of things I'd like to point out. People are complex, I'd say people seem more complex than me, but I have a really good ability to detect and manipulate sensations, to know how they work. I have been observing sensations for 4 years now and discovered some really interesting things. I don't really know where I should start but here I go:

I am quite a lost person, but now that I know how to rewire my brain, I actually know a lot of the commonly known various states and emotion regulation that I absolutely was oblivious about for a large part of my life, but there is a reason I was oblivious about them, everything has a reason, even stupidity.

I am a rigid person, and I will explain why enlightenment is a rigid state, in the sense that is mono-dimensional. But here are the things about sensations I discovered. There are 3 "dimensions" in the psyche and 3 corresponding dimensions represented in the body: if you take your face, you can observe sensations in a way that will laterally dig a space of sensations between your right side and left side of your face that will enlarge itself and propagate itself on your entire skull and body. That is the lateral dimension, it seems that it regulates maturity, if you dig all the way through, you will definitely see what it does, you will seem old and empty.

There is the back to front dimension of sensations, and this regulates openness to the world, and closedness.

There is the up and down dimension and this regulates emotions and stimuli, and is the source of much conflicts and migraines sometimes. If you go down, colors will seem darker, and if you stimulate a sensation going up they will seem brighter, and the interaction between going up and down will either create satisfaction or pain or small amounts of bliss.

So in order to change the way your sensations are, because you don't notice them since it's kind of like a wave that you can't notice because you are the wave, you are the change, you need to observe yourself, observing is like seeing what it's like down, or seeing what it's like up (as in the dimensions I mentioned), or laterally, or back to front, it's like opening a window outside and seeing what's going on in that other state, desire is based upon that metaphor, because it is stimulating to look outside to another state to desire it, but once you're in that other state there is nothing to be stimulated about. In normal states, unenlightened, they vary in an unperceptible manner , they just vary and people feel a little bit different.But i managed to exaggerate the change so that I could see the change, like for example being very like pushing your bodily sensations forward, and being very closed is like centering them inwards. Anyway, I know a lot of different variations I could talk about.

But to put it simply, when you observe yourself, you don't ask why you observe yourself, you just do. You disconnect from concepts, and connect with your body and your sensations and you dig deeper, you open a greater window.

If you open all three dimensions, but more particularly liberating the sensations on your nose, you will start to feel empty, and you could eventually reach enlightenment, I first had my experience with bliss when I liberated the natural tension of sensations on my nose bridge. I thought it was wonderful. Except for the fact that I couldn't feel anything else but bliss, I have such a good time, particularly in my dreams, manipulating various types of sensations that give me impressions without really being emotions, I have a sensations in every good movie I see, and it is a wonderful mood, but to be in a totally saturated state of bliss, it is like nothing special really, it is only ONE sensation, it is great once and only once your liberating energy in your body, like a massage, but once you reach it you no longer feel you have accomplished or are accomplishing anything.

Anyway, if somebody found that interesting, i'd love to talk more sensations, for example how I could change my personality with them, with physiological impacts like my voice getting really thicker (lower pitched) or higher, the form of my eyes and iris changing, my gender changing, my sexual orientation and identity etc.
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RE: Thought I should write this

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The key to observation is confusion. It is to ask oneself, am i the sensations ? And when you "become the sensations", which you cannot really become, you start to dissolve them.

The moment you start to be a map or a world for sensations to exist, you begin to identify with inner emptiness. And if you deepen your observation, you will start to dig a hole in your interior.

When I say the key is confusion, it is because the confusion of "who am i" will have a direct purpose for the mind, to dissolve. It is like a magic formula for your deep mind to understand what kind of transition is useful when you think such a thing as "am I the sensations".

Really all the meditation vocabulary is just suggestive, it is not at all definitions of what is what, the mind is really more powerful than that.

So if you feel uncomfortable doing this and think this is not right, I totally support the fact that it is not right, as I myself think it is not right to do excessive self observation and to even reach emptiness.

I just wanted to see if people would understand.