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The energy practice of Heart awareness/centeredness-my schtick

J C, modified 10 Years ago.

The energy practice of Heart awareness/centeredness-my schtick

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My vipassana teacher of the last eleven years, likes to say that the path from the head to the heart can be a thousand miles long due to over intellectualizing our practice. And he's right and it';s so intuitively obvious that our true center is not the head but the heart, literally. I love to maintain awareness at the center of the chest and not soon after, there is a vibration there on the inhalation, and the movement of energy radially extending in every direction from the heart center on exhalation, with pulsations into the crown area with each breath. The center of the chest is a giant kasina really and truly, a couterpart sign
with a black dot center, a glowing yellow disc of light, more like a cantaloupe sized sphere of bright light that is full of love and contentment. It just wants to naturally radiate out in all directions, filling my meditation room. Attainment be damned.
There is nothing that extinguishes this energy and light more than worrying about attainment, wondering about it, yearning for it. There is nothing more contrary to attaining this burning and fulfilling energy of yellow light, than the yearning, and the talking about attainment. Because talking is intellectualizing in the head, and all ya need is to dwell at the heart my friends, and all manner of things shall be well, all things shall be well.
On fire for loving you,
Nikolai S Halay, modified 10 Years ago.

RE: The energy practice of Heart awareness/centeredness-my schtick

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I must come in here and say if you are going to focus a lot of your attention at the heart area, be wary that a lot of crazy negative stuff could arise from there. Here is a thread I started ages ago on the heart region and its importance in Vipassna. Some awesome tips from prisonergreco there.