Choosing my path...

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Choosing my path...

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RE: Choosing my path...

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I think that one of the most helpful things to add is noticing that when dark feelings and sensations arise to really notice exactly how big they are, how rapidly they vanish, and exactly how strong they are, while noticing that they occur in space, and space that is much larger than they are and filled mostly with sensations that are just fine and perhaps even very interesting.

Being a fan of noting, just noting fear and depression and the rest while also focusing some part of your attention on the whole wide rest of the field, which is usually just fine, can be helpful.

Welcome to the DhO,

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RE: Choosing my path...

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Tjingeling Mattias,

kul med en till svensk på forumet!
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RE: Choosing my path...

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It's great that you know the DN stuff beforehand and are aware of what you maybe getting into. Yet, for some people it's not a choice they make. I feel everyone has a certain intensity of longing to be free. It only depends on how intense it is.

Physical Yoga does help make progress on the spiritual path. If you're happy with it then I suggest you go deep into it. Deepen your understanding of all it's elements and postures and keep going further and further into it. I cannot say that this will give you Enlightenment, but you'll lead a generally happy life with fewer health, emotional and stress issues.

If you want to follow Buddha's Eightfold Path along the older Theraveda tradition, this will be a whole different journey. There will be ups and downs. Sometimes you'll go way down, and when you're up again you'll be full of understanding and gratitude. If you believe in reincarnation, it's said that the progress made in this life will be carried over even if you dont reach the goal. After a certain point you cannot choose how much to hold back and how much to part with, you have to let go of everything you identify with (Even if temporarily).

You're the one who makes the choice, if you believe in free will. If not, then the choice is already made. All the best.
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RE: Choosing my path...

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Since we are here I'll throw a suggestion: cultivating the bhrama viharas and letting go of unwholesome states of mind.

It will make your life better, more happy and peaceful, will develop mindfullness and eventually will lead to jhanas.

Also, it has the advantage that can be easily practiced effectively throught the whole day, in basically any situation you can possibly imagine, and doesn't require strong momentum like the noting technique, is more something that you use when you need it, or when you are just in the mood for raising some kind of happiness.