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Science and Meditation

Scientific evidence for energy manipulation

I became interested in the possibility of manipulating energy after reading different experiences people have had with it on different places around the internet. After I began noticing surges of energy during my practice, I realized that I (and many of my non-out-there friends) have experienced the feeling of energy while on various drugs. Intrigued, I sought a comprehensive source that could explain energy and its manipulation within some paradigm.

Somewhere on the DhO I saw the recommendation for New Energy Ways by Robert Bruce, so I found the pdf and began trying the exercises. The first time I tried the exercises I unmistakeably felt something. After having practiced a few more times, I can now do fairly decent energy bouncing on both legs, and the something feeling is much less subtle.

At this point, I suppose I could still attribute the feeling to selective/mobile heightened awareness on various parts of my body, but it's a stretch.

As far as scientific evidence goes, I haven't found anything overwhelmingly conclusive,

Assuming it is real, the only sensical explanation I can think of as to why it isn't documented is the ole "no profit to be made" idea. With that said, if anyone is aware of any other evidence feel free to post it.