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Going on a two month retreat this summer. Some questions

Hello to you all and thanks for providing a great online community for support of practice.

I would very much like to go on a longer Mahasi style retreat this summer. I would be okay with a one month retreat, but would prefer to go on something longer, such as a 10-12 week retreat. I potentially have availability from approximately May 8th until August 15th. I would like a place that I can receive at least some guidance, and can have continuous meditation practice.

I don't think I currently have enough experience to get into the Forest Refuge in Barre, MA. My first plan was to go with Panditarama-Hse Main Gone Forest Meditation Center in Yangon, Burma. I am currently gathering materials I need for U.S. passport though, and am concerned that I will not have time to receive my U.S. passport and then get the meditation visa needed for Burma/Myanmar.

So to reiterate, I'm concerned that getting my meditation visa will take too long to make summer retreat plans in Burma. Is there another location that wouldn't require months to get approval for meditation? For example, Sri Lanka and Nepal sound like fine locations for a retreat, but I don't know what it takes to be allowed to meditate there for 2-3 months. I'd be fine with a place that in the United States too, if you know of a location that permits someone who hasn't had large amounts of retreat experience.

I have tried to research this, but a lot is still unclear. I thought someone on here might have some expertise that could really help me.


RE: Going on a two month retreat this summer. Some questions
1/11/14 8:10 PM as a reply to Aduro T.
I have heard with regard to Burma, it is much easier to get a passport at the, the boarder. I good back up would be to find a meditation centre in Thailand, but go to the boarder near Burma/Rangoon and ask about the easiest way of getting a Visa. Thailand has a two Month free Visa for some countries when you fly in. I'm pretty sure it was Sayadaw in my home town who told me that? A lot of people go to Rangoon to Mediate. And Thailand does have its share of Burmese styled meditation traditions, I met a Thai lady at a Burmese Centre near Penang, Buddhist Institute Luna's. Sayadaw Dr Sununda, was teaching there, who is highly recommended, thought the centre is a bit casual. And MBMC is also there, but they didn't have a proper teacher there at the time. The Thai lady practiced in the Burmese style, also the disciple of Rangoon is legendary, you would be luck to get 6 hrs sleep, I hear there four is the norm. Also I have been to Panditarama in Nepal, in Lumbini and that has a good disciplined structure but 6hrs sleep is the norm. Again a visa, is easier to get at the boarder, for Nepal. Maybe you can also buy one when you arrive, when you fly in, too? In Nepal, don't mention D.O., they don't like New Buddhist interpretations of the Dhamma. Particularly don't mention, that in the letter, when asking them about coming, which is better to do for a longer retreat over a month (solo cabins if they think you are a bit more experienced). They only got full once, while I was there (for ten weeks), and that was, when Sayadaw U Pandita was visiting.

Take Care.

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