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Vasily's Practice Log
equanimity vipassana practice log
3/9/14 10:59 PM
Long time lurker of DharmaOverground -- first time poster, so let's see how my attempt at trying to write down what happened during my practice goes. Any advice / feed-back / questions, are all very much appreciated! Glad to be here.

1hr : Closed my eyes and quickly thoughts began to disappear and the everything felt very wide and any sense of self slowly started to become not as prominent.Then attention started moving by itself, through my body and into the nearby space, which seemed to flux gently and everything the attention touched felt like it was gently fluxing. That went on for maybe twenty minutes, but I couldn't really measure time easily. Then the space around me as well as any sensations on my "body", which had lost it's form and felt like sensations, began fluxing together very gently and easily like waves coming and going, up and down. Then that sort of faded away and things sped up a bit and I began to see the 3Cs in sensations more clearly. Then the timer rang. I'm also actively trying to quit mapping as much as well as relaxing and letting the fields synchronize, as Daniel puts it, and watch how things arise and pass away on their own.