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Mindfulness and modern science

Mindfulness and modern science
6/2/14 12:54 PM

I just finished parts of a manuscript on a coming book with the working title: Modern Mindfulness - intersections between modern science and contemplative traditions

I'm just gonna throw it in here and hope someone finds value in reading it :-) 

I greatly appreciate any feedback!

Here's a link to the manuscript with references:

Wish you all well

RE: Mindfulness and modern science
6/2/14 1:05 PM as a reply to Albin Hagberg Medin.
Looks interesting. Could you add a synposis perhaps? Let us know what is unique and interesting about your project?


RE: Mindfulness and modern science
6/2/14 1:15 PM as a reply to sawfoot _.

Hmm. Synopsis would be: First a secular approach to why we as human beings would need to change anything in our life in the first place, by evolutionary theory, cognitive psychology and neurology. Secondly a model of mindfulnes that constitutes of well defined components that may be measured by various experiments and self-reports but also may be easily related experientially, so that the model may work as a theoretical framework in the over 1000 MBSR classes that currently are taught worldwide (sometimes taught with a misch masch of folk buddhistic theories combined with popular psycholog). 

After that, comes an alternative way of describing mindfulness in terms of virtues or qualities of the heart as I label them. And thats about how far I got in this draft, but you can see some sketches on contrast I will make with various buddhist philosophise and contemplative perspectives as well as the foundations of mindfulness (breath, body, mental phenomea) as viewed from neurocogntive perspective. 

I also don't think I'll be able to stick my hands away from the cookie that is the various enlightenment(s) and their correspondent descriptions in different traditions!