Jobs Conducive to Meditation

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Jobs Conducive to Meditation

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I've met several people recently who have used their work environments toward meditative ends (most notably people getting security guard certifications).  Some have achieved interesting attainments, like paths, from doing so.

Since I recently got a job useful for this very purpose, I thought I would report back about it here, and also open up a thread for others to share their meditation-friendly jobs.  This seems like a burgeoning phenomenon. As a job is generally the main hindrance to going on retreat for as long and as often as I want, I find this approach pretty exciting.

My new job:
I just started working as a fireguard.  This basically entails staying in an active construction site or other building with a disabled fire alarm system to watch for hazards. I have to do a quick 10-minute round (walking meditation) every hour, and have no responsibilities for the in-between periods.  Shifts are 8 hours to much longer.  This is the best way I have yet found to approximate a retreat setting in an urban environment.

The distractions are actually surprisingly few so far, despite the fact that I work in an active construction zone. The pay is low (12.50/hour) but, for doing essentially nothing, I think it is pretty good. It's easy to get overtime shifts. Obviously this could also be used for activities besides meditation - the friend who turned me into this job was using it to write symphonies. 

In New York City, one has to cursorily look over this 35-page training book a few times (F01), take a $25 test, and then apply at an agency that does fireguard placement.
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RE: Jobs Conducive to Meditation

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It is a time honored profession for those seeking solitude for other endevors. Jack Kerouac also did this work when he was deeply into Buddhism.
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RE: Jobs Conducive to Meditation

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i work for a big IT company in a technical / project management capacity. despite the fact that the job itself requires some pretty high mental involvement it has the HUGE benefit of allowing me to work from home.  all the time.

my "work" time is much easier to bend to the needs of my practice than is my personal life.

without this my sitting time would have been drastically reduced.

i can also go to work in my underwear and jump in the pool if i want to.

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