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Kinsey-like interview process for collecting map data

I am querying this community for ideas about collecting large amounts of second-person data to improve practice maps, either holistically or in specific traditions.
I wonder if it is possible to form a Kinsey-like interview process that people could be trained to give, and then set out on a large number of practitioners, just to get as much real-world data as possible, and then pooled in an attempt to fix overly-vague or overly-specific tendencies in traditional practice maps.
Do you think this is a possible feat, and one worth refining?

I am someone potentially with access to a decent amount of practitioners for either side of this process, and I'm sure there are plenty of like-opportunitied people here too.

RE: Kinsey-like interview process for collecting map data
7/9/14 4:45 PM as a reply to Liam Mulqueen-Duquette.
I called for something like this during my presentation at Buddhist Geeks about 2 years ago, a Naturalist's approach, where we see what is out there in the wild world of meditation.

I think that this sort of work would be essential to bringing something of the scientific approach to the maps more than has already been done, and by scientific, I don't mean scientific materialist, but investigative, exploratory, documentational, curious, with an eye to figure out what this stuff really looks like as best we can, given people's biases for description.

I further think that we need to train Naturalist meditators who will go into this stuff with a critical eye for what is really happening and how this does or doesn't align with various maps and dogmas.

Some PhD candidate, research institute, or whatever would probably be needed, as that would help support the necessary rigor, etc.