RE: medication to maximize purification speed

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RE: medication to maximize purification speed

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Sometime's being too intelligent can be a hindrance. Trying to be clever and work out new ways of avoiding or finding a short cut through the very insight that is being presented to you is counter productive.

The real awakening business is not as easy as some make it appear to be. We are dealing with countless lifetimes worth of mental formations - whether you believe it or not - and no drug will help you as much as simply following the complete eightfoltd path will - through every single moment. You just have to grind it out with grit - and accept everything completely. 

Usually this means forgetting and learning over and over again - a constant series of letting go until there isn't much left to actively let go. You also need very sharp morality to be able to see the subtler things with detachment. 

Stop trying to set goals, be in control, or solve the problems you're facing - You probably know this already. At most, I would suggest visitng a good homeopath which will be a little more helpful than a psychologist. 

It is often suggested that forcefully doing long or intense retreats can push us through the difficult phases - but as soon as we're out the same challenges resurface and often more strongly. I have been through and am going through a similar situtation as yours - I have been fortunate to have a great mentor who has been through it all. He says just be active and fulfill all your roles diligently - the difficult mind stuff (aka arisings) will resolve by themelves. 

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RE: medication to maximize purification speed

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ditto Rush.   good advice, I 2nd the motion.  let go and then let go some more, and keep letting go of the ever subtler ripples until there is nothing to let go of nor anyone letting go.
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RE: medication to maximize purification speed

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Well, sure. Probaly I should have highlighted that aspect of the development more, in order to spare you going down that way. Probably you also jumped on the "maximize" formulation, I changed this now.

Well, as we're here now anyway... I'd like to challenge everyone who thinks, that letting go can be done. It can't, but it may happen. Suitable preconditions may be arranged, though. Even more I love the advice, to "employ equanimity" in situations, that shine by it's very absence, e.g. when you are freaking out. That's bullshit by definition but redily delivered in truckloads.

The whole post is about those cases, where you don't just let go, even if you want to, where it can not and does not happen for long time. Where you boil in anger, say (as can be seen from my style here probably), for weeks on a stretch, stop practicing for months or years or do nothing but Shavasana for the same duration, and/or get hooked on drugs because y ou can't bear it otherwise at all. It's not ripples, it's getting bulldozed. And where eventually something dissolves it feels not like letting go but like an amputation done with a bread knife. I had that, and I waded through the crap in a decade and now I'm able to stabilize in equanimity within 5 days of retreat with manageable levels of misery. So that's done. Ok? Wasn't the question after all.

The question is, if there's a shortcut, especially on the brain chemistry level, because as to my knowledge this question hasn't been raised yet and may yield prospects for those folks who do technically everything ok but still get fried for decades. I mean, I don't care so much about the whole crap any more, but the time could be spend in more beneficial ways than watching yourself rot, as a matter of fact.

Homeopathy. Tried time and again, bullshit, in my opinion, but got forced by all kind of people. Zero difference. Maybe you'd want to check out Ben Goldacres "Bad Science" book, not only does it pluck to pieces hompeopathy with ease, it also has a great chapter about the placebo effect, which is actually quite an amazing thing, as I know now. Therapie tried, for years, all sort of styles, as written in the post. Works, but not for that.

Probably not of much interest, the whole thing here.