Dukkah and the Truth of Subjectivity

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Dukkah and the Truth of Subjectivity

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I've been thinking that, perhaps, the pure subjective nature of my experience - and my complete inability to ever prove to myself that other people's inter awairness is a "real" thing - is the primary source of dukkah. Any thoughts? 
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RE: Dukkah and the Truth of Subjectivity

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I think that the notion that others' experience is unprovable (and its implicit co-notion that mine is) is certainly a flavor of dukha ;)

But that's all dukha on a very abstract level, isn't it?
What situations that you actually experience are clearly 'dukha'?
And what do they have in common?
Do they have solipsism in common?
What about experiences of dukha that involve our assumtion that we know what 'they' think or feel about us?