NPR Invisibilia: Secret History of Thoughts

katy steger, modified 6 Years ago.

NPR Invisibilia: Secret History of Thoughts

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Okay, well, I made my way into the kitchen again tonight to make another huge coffee (trying to kill a virus with coffee when sleep doesn't quite do it.. probably not skillful, but I'm awake!) and I heard my second Invisibilia story on National Public radio: 

It is 33+ minutes long.

And it follows a man who started having very violent thoughts towards his wife and how he learned to deal with this and how common it is thought (!) that such disturbed thinking is.

To me, the article touches on a number of practical theories, and ends on a sort of mindfulness note.

This reporting, too, may be useful to other meditators, like the "Ghost Boy" Invisibilia article linked here yesterday about and with Martin Pistorius.