Thoughts on this?

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Thoughts on this?

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Found this quote from Colleen Peltomaa elsewhere on the forum, in a thread about whether or not true freedom from suffering was possible:

"Lester Levenson (founder of The Sedona Method) was free from suffering and in one of his lectures he said 99.9 percent of those who go free leave, so we might not hear of them.  How hard would it be to stay once you realized we don't exist as we think we do?"
So has anyone else heard of such a thing from aother sources? I know nothing of the Sedona Method, so have no idea about its credibility or lack thereof. But I've long had this funny instinct or gut sense that such a thing was possible. I also entertain the idea that it's a product of rewiring my brain with psychedelics in my youth.

I wonder if this sort of idea somehow stems from the apparent disparity about what enlightement, liberation, etc actually is. Seems some people use those two words (as well as others) to mean somewhat different things.

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RE: Thoughts on this?

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Hi Darrell,

I hope you keep your faith in this concept, then tell us about it when you succeed.  emoticon I'm looking to end all suffering as well, so I'll be sure to come back and let you know if I got there and how it happened.

The Sedona Method can be found here:

Their stuff isn't particularly original, but the ideas do seem to work. I think, with any method, the key to success is experimentation and self-awareness as you try things. Trust yourself - you are closer to your own mind than anyone else.

EDIT: Actually, reading through that again, the instructions are pretty good, I think.