Ajahn Chah mantra monasteries

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Ajahn Chah mantra monasteries

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I sat a couple month-longs in the Mahasi-style and ultimately walked away frustrated with its insistence on dry vipassana and frustrated with my own inability to "watch the breath". Thinking the Buddhist community might be a little biased toward the Lord Buddha's own favorite method (of 84,000), I read "Buddho" and "Ajaan Sao's Teaching" and was inspired to begin my own mantra practice.

Within days, my sustained concentration, effort, and general mood had improved more in a week than in the eight months I had practiced alone and two months of intensive rise-and-fall observation on retreat. A brightness had entered my mind, literally, though not to the recognition of nimitta.

That said, are there schools or monasteries people know of that teach in this style? Specifically, either using mantra until emptiness is reached and then switching to the breath or else using mantra the whole way: through jhana, though insight, to liberation.

I have seven months free to pursue these practices and I'd be happy to travel anywhere in the world to receive guidance.
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RE: Ajahn Chah mantra monasteries (Answer)

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There are some six-month courses on "buddho" organized by Phra Viriyang Sirintharo. He was one of the last direct disciples of Ajahn Mun. However, he's now well into his 90s and most of the teaching is done by his students. Here's a little bit about him: http://www.dhammawheel.com/viewtopic.php?t=9721
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RE: Ajahn Chah mantra monasteries

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Dear Tao,
I read this post today and was wondering if you succeeded in finding the proper guidance the last year
I have done some serius practise myself with this method.

Best regards,