American Buddhism Emerging

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American Buddhism Emerging

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I'm trying to answer this question for myself... "Is American Buddhism finally emerging?" 

Here in Seattle (really most places starting in Northern California on up to Vancouver, B.C.) Buddhism and other eastern philosophies seem to have really seeped into the culture. I began practicing Buddhism roughly 18 years ago and moved to Seattle to be around like minded people.

About a year and a half ago, I helped a partner of my quit drinking. I asked him to look and see if there were Buddhist groups instead of using AA. We looked and there were two groups. Dharma Punx and Heart of Recovery. Dharma Punx here in Seattle was falling apart, so we began going to Heart of Recovery started by Shambhala. It was freaking great. I even loved it. 20 minute meditation, a really short reading on a topic and the a discussion on the reading for 40 minutes or so. We got hooked like crack.

Only a year and a half later and there are groups springing up all over the Puget Sound region. And people talk about MCTB, Insight Meditation the Hardcore Dharma Movement, quantum physics, Buddhist Geeks and neuroscience. It's very modern and very inspiring. I've talked to some people here and there seems to be a consensus that some form of 'American Buddhism' is finally emerging. One with our own identity. Instead of always appropriating bits and pieces from Tibet, China, Japan, India etc... 

I've been forced out of my Seattle neighborhood by severe gentrification. I've moved to a very diverse up and coming area and I want a meditation group nearby. So I'm making one. I want to make it in the image that's in my head. The way I feel. An American Buddhist group. 

I could go on and on but why bother. I want to hear what other people think. Is something in the water? Does anyone else feel the ground swell? Or is it just a NW thing? (The NW is a very hippy woo-woo place as it is) 

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RE: American Buddhism Emerging

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Hi James!

I'm moving to Seattle (from NJ) in 3 weeks!  Super psyched to link up with some sanghas down there, especially as I am slowly gaining the type of patience that will allow me to enjoy group sitting meditation.  Any further reccomendations?  Or about the city in general (not to hijack the thread lol)?

I don't know how much groundswell I see... I will say that Shinzen Young's wonderful system of noting has infiltrated the Dharma Punx NYC group and there are now two young teachers spreading it.  Meeting them, and Shinzen at a retreat a few months ago was awesome.