DhO discussion-forum map/matrix?

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DhO discussion-forum map/matrix?

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1) When thinking of launching a newthread, e.g. this one, I often run into the problem of determining what's the proper category, sub-category etc. for placing it.

2) Is there some function in DhO /Liferay for getting an overall display or list of the categories and sub-categories? That would save time in (1), and might be interesting to peruse in general, as a metaview of DhO discussion space.

3) Lacking (2), I could go through and traverse the category tree (data structure), display + cut&paste the contents into such a one-piece overall view – a bit of time & effort bother.

Thinking like that matrix I found somewhere of the MCTB system, with insight-stage numbering as they-axis, and on the x-axis the categories: Jhana / Ñana / Sub-Ñana / Sephirah / Intensity / Spatial Quality / Clarity / Vibratory Quality / Vedena / Typical Physical Manifestations / Typical Mental Manifestations / Basic Insight(s) /Basic Flaw(s)

(when downloaded it became a file named: http_static.squarespace.com_static_5037f52d84ae1e87f694cfda_t_50559238e4b02b42cb2fbb58_1347785272939_.pdf, which, however doesn't print well -- PDF can be irritatingly non WYSIWYG.)

btw: that matrix is also interesting as an example of Abhidhamma-style systemization. Buddhist 'lists', and 'lists of lists' (like the "The 37 factors (sometimes called steps) of enlightenment")  are well-known.The Pali term for such a list is 'mātikā'* -- think Sanskrit (add in an 'r'), and we can see perhaps the etymology of English 'matrix'. The Canonical books of the Abhidhamma actually represent n-dimensional matrices, expressed in linear texts (the linguistic technology of that time).

* defined in the BPS dictionary as "a water course;
a table of contents; the code of Patimokkha." (emphasis added)