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MCTotB 2: Still Hardcore After All These Years release date?

Is there a guestimate as to the release date of Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha 2nd edition?  The impression I get is that monstrous amounts of work are going into writing and editing this text, that time is always an issue, burnout a constant threat, etc., but if a GUESS were to be ventured, what would it be?  Late 2015?  Early 2016?  Late 2024?  And by release, I mean in a digital form, since the hardcover or paperback edition could add a great deal of additional time.  That said, has a publisher been lined up?  NOTE:  I'm going on a meditation retreat in July, and I fantasized about reading the book before that, understanding that this is highly unlikely.   

RE: MCTotB 2: Still Hardcore After All These Years release date?
5/24/15 12:25 AM as a reply to Alan Smithee.
Draft Part 1 has already been posted on Daniel's Web site so as to make the information available to the community sooner than later. We will post Part 2 as soon as it has taken firmer shape. I'm nearing the end of Part 2 but have one or two more chapters after the current one. Experimentation with adding new practice chapters and reordering things has made it slow-going, even though we are never idle on the work. 

I think that this part is especially painstaking because this is the practice nitty-gritty of the book. We need to get it right, which we will and are.

I have a full-time job as a developmental book editor, so I'm doing similar work on 12 other books all day, meaning that at night I'm often brain fatigued on editing. Plus there is excercise, meals, workouts, meditation practice, and family duties to fit in during those the evenings. My weekends and nights are nonetheless largely devoted to this project. 

Daniel's schedule is much more demanding than even mine, so he often comes home after working 15 hours straight, at fast pace, in an intense enviroment, and then has to carve out an hour or two from sleep to review edits, write new content, discuss things with me, and so forth. So, yes, it is a lot of time-consuming work for us both. And it isn't just editing: It is content and structural revision, along with brand new content, as we go.

All this is to say, no, we don't know when it will be done. I wouldn't count on our being done with everthing in 2015, but maybe. It would be nice. You will be able to access pretty "done" versions of each book part as it is completed. The next part to be posted will be Mastery, which covers samatha jhana practice and insight stages.

I have at least 20 people, including my immediate family, who are eagerly awaiting publication of this edition. So I have personal skin in the game. I'm spending this long weekend working on it while my family is off having a very different kind of "fun." emoticon

Thanks for your support and patience. It will be worth the wait.


RE: MCTotB 2: Still Hardcore After All These Years release date?
5/24/15 3:15 AM as a reply to Jenny.
Thank you so much Jenny (and Daniel), I am sure it will be a great second edition emoticon

RE: MCTotB 2: Still Hardcore After All These Years release date?
5/25/15 5:51 AM as a reply to neko.
Thanks to Jenny for the very large amount of work this has already been and will very likely continue to be for a while. It will be much better for it.

I would be amazed if the print edition was out this year, though I could possibly imagine that we might make it through the electronic version this year, but don't hold your breath, as it would make meditating on it more difficult and you will just turn blue and eventually pass out.

It is entirely possible that it will take a lot longer. Will let you know how it goes,